50% sale Wips

 We let a sky lantern off on the 1st November. It was meant to go on Halloween night but it was too wet.
 This necklace is what I’m wearing at the moment. I’ve only taken it off for bed since it arrived. I have loved it ever since Tracy made it to sell in her Etsy shop Prana Light.
 These earrings came too from the same etsy shop. They are perfect with a brown velvet skirt I often wear.
 There were a couple of other little gifts in the parcel for Daughter who reads this.
Go and see if there is anything you would like too at 50% off you can’t go wrong with Christmas fast approaching.
I’ve made a start on things for the GRWE Christmas Fair in Nantwich on the 19th November.
Little dog trim to decorated some tea towels.
I put the same trim on this tea towel.
The striped tea towel had a different trim.
But again dog themed.
I’ve hand sewn these snowmen pot holders.
These santa pot holders are my current hand sewing.
And these 2 angels will follow. The background fabric for the pot-holders was donated by a lady on Ebay who was clearing out her fabric.
For those of you who can’t get enough of patchwork quilts that you’d even like a painting or print of one check out this Etsy site. Page 3 has the most amazing art work of gorgeous quilts. If you are like me, the hospice fundraiser cards will be more within budget at 10 for $10 plus postage.
And lastly, I was out buying bits and pieces yesterday and came across a wool shop I hadn’t seen before. I’ve been trying to be very good and use up my odd balls of stash but this chunky yarn called “Marble” by James C. Brett called to me. It is so soft almost like cotton but is acrylic. The colours reminded me of a harvest festival. As you can see it is a very quick knit.

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