Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween. 
I’ve bought the pumpkins down from the cupboard even though the sanding is on-going. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few decorations.
 The tiniest pumpkin possible made a lantern outside to show we were open for business.
 This time of year is for the candle light. The soft yellow flames enhance the pumpkin colours and spread delicious smells. You could positively eat some Yankie Candles.
 But let me introduce you to Crow’s new friends only finished this morning.
 I was cutting it fine.
 Each has a different expression.
 Together they make a great addition to the pumpkin patch.
I hope you are having a great Halloween. So far I’ve seen the devil, several witches a couple of vampires and the cutest ever devil-dog. 🙂
 This is Hickory a little mouse brooch I caught sight of in a 2nd hand shop window all crowded with jewellery. I only spotted him by his ears. He’s a belated 20th Wedding Anniversary present from lovely husband. I gave him a lot of murder mystery audio cds. I’m not sure what that says about me, or the state of our marriage! LOL
 The little shoes got sewn up. They take less than 20g of 4 ply yarn, so ideal for using up ball ends.
I’m nearly caught up with you all. Things are getting back to normal- or what passes for it in this house. 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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