Hodge Podge and Hedgehog

 This is a bit of a mixed blog post as I haven’t unloaded the cameras in a whle. These 2 were taken from my bedroom window of the European Firework Championship display on it’s 2nd night.
 A pretty good view.
 This little chap had been caught by a naughty Pipsqueak, in the garden. I like hedgehogs as they eat a lot of garden pests. There was a speck of blood on him so we brought him inside to make sure he wasn’t injured.
  We were quiet trying not to breathe hard and scare him. The little ball gradually uncurled and was out for the briefest of seconds before curling up again.
 The speck of blood was Pipsqueak’s thankfully so he was popped back out into the garden.
 We went to the local farm shop. I love their strings of onions- so pretty. The grapefruit weren’t grown locally. We just don’t have the weather, but I like them as a supper snack.
 It was Stephanie’s birthday a couple of days ago. She is a fan of polka dots.
 The button was one of the clay ones from Waterperry Gardens back home. So now a little bit of Oxfordshire is in Ohio. That thought made me smile.
 I bet you are wondering just what I’ve been doing with myself? Well the yarn I was given last Christmas I think it was, by Suzie from little Busy Bee  and the pattern was on a ball of yarn which came from Stephanie  from Loft Creations before that. The red pink and purple one was self jaquarding in the cream parts. I was so impressed. The other ball turned into these which had gorgeous blue stripes in between indigo and violet ones.
 You knew there were going to be left overs didn’t you?
 Well these were what I created from them. So roughly 100g of sock yarn makes 3 boot socks with my tension.
 These are my WIP.
 This poor crow needs some friends to play with on the pumpkins.
 They are my 1st job as soon as I have got rid of this headache.
 Top stitched stems.
 The pumpkins are made from the 3 orange batik fabrics I bought in Liverpool when getting daughter’s passport sorted out in the Summer.
And finally what I did with the very very last scrap of the blue sock yarn, and a 20g vintage ball of beige/peach. This is my least favourite part about knitting- the sewing up.
Can I pick your brains? Mine are addled at the moment. I said I would make some things for the greyhound rescue stall (19th November). Have you any ideas about the sort of things which sell well at Christmas Fairs?

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