A Couple of Finishes

 Amsterdam Leaves is all finished.
 The pieced back moved more than I expected with the 100% wool batting. It was also more fragile than warm and natural to handle. A couple of times it got tangled in the sewing machine foot at the edge where it was bigger than the top.
 I used the leftovers from the backing fabrics to make the binding.
 The 2nd finish is the last block of Tiny Town which I’m making with Anne Marie.
 Every town ought to have a library.
 A swing.
 Heart plant
 I backed and bound it in pink and white fabrics as it is to be a quilt for my new niece.
I think it turned into a very girlie quilt. Thank you Anne Marie for doing this project alongside me and hosting a “Tiny Town- a-long” to encourage everyone.
Daughter is back for the 1st time from uni for the weekend. She travelled all the way up from Portsmouth on Friday on her pre-paid tickets without any trouble until Wigan. We got a phone call from her from there saying that the train was running late, then that it was cancelled. As it was the last train she was stranded with a lot of people coming out of pubs drunk and urinating down the train station steps. I couldn’t believe that Northern Rail could be so irresponsible to do that, with no staff at the station, and no explanation on the electronic system. We got dressed and immediately went to pick her up very worried for her. By the time we got there she was standing outside the station, very scared. I am so annoyed with Northern Rail for doing that to her. You do hear all sorts and when you have paid for specific train tickets, you do expect that train to run or the company to have another mode of transport laid on to fulfil their contract. I’ll be emailing them!
I’ll catch up with all your blogs soon. For now I will enjoy this precious time with Daughter.

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