Helping Hands, Walks in the Wild Woods, Fireworks, Sanding

 Hands and other things arrived in the post. Thank you Lynn for your hands, cute prairie point t towel and the book about a trip down the Nile. I am enjoying it. Thank you Lynn. Get well soon!

 Simone’s hands also arrived with gorgeous doggie fabric and South African threads. I think a special project is called for. Thank you so much Simone!

 So with all these Helping Hands arriving, I have set to work. Sorry no sneak peeks.

 Tracy sent a beautiful linen blend t towel perfect for my red and white kitchen, a gorgeous sage scented soap and nailbrush. Thank you Tracy!

 So lets see what nature is doing in the Garlic Woods. Something has a taste for mushrooms.

 I love the feel of the gills underneath.

 An older nibble this time. I am thinking of mice and squirrels.

 I love the shading on this cluster on an old tree stump.

 Like in the War of the World’s song “Forever Autumn”: “through Autumn’s golden gown we used to kick our way”.

 But the sun is setting and we have to walk back in the dark.

 See there is the moon! As we get in to Southport, fireworks light up the sky. We had forgotten about the European Firework Championships!

 We hurried down a side road after Lovely Husband dropped son and I off. A lot of the tourist shops were open. Want some rock or candy floss?

 Even the horses were open. What a wonderful treat.

 The rest of the week has been spent stripping and sanding this landing floor.

 I like how it has turned out.

Now I need to finish removing the paint from the little stairs and half landing. It may take a while.

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