Bag Club’s Autumn Bag, Amsterdam Leaves, Tiny Town 8

 Sorry I am barely managing to blog weekly at the moment, so while I have some time here is Bag Club’s chosen bag from the Bag Making Bible book. Ulla and Simone will be sharing theirs soon.
 It is called the Organiser Bag.
 It will hold a lap top securely.
 There are also a lot of internal pockets.
 Here are some photographs of the work in progress. Strap for securing a lap top.
 A zip pocket, pen pockets and an elasticated pocket.
 Twist locks to the front and little legs to protect the bottom from wear and tear.
 One was going to be black denim but I didn’t have enough, so I made 2 blue denim ones.
 One has bronze metal work.
 The other shiney chrome. Both went with daughter to uni.
 Some of the birds gathering to be fed at the Marine Lake.
 It was a grey day when we walked around. The old and new marine bridges.
 There is still some colour in the flowerbeds.
 I loved the cheekiness of the gull on this sculpture.
 So after a week of no sewing and bottoming out the craft room cupboards I started cutting this on Sunday. That is what I chose to do with my hour. Of course it took longer than the one hour but maybe it was one of those bulging hours where you get things done?
 I’ve called it “Amsterdam Leaves” as the leaf and shaded blue border are made from the fabrics Simone and I bought together in Amsterdam in Spring.
 Click to enlarge. The fabric is superb quality.
 I am so happy at how it turned out.
 It is double bed sized so hard to photograph. It just needs layering, quilting and binding now. I have some 100% wool batting for it. As an Autumn quilt I want it to be as warm as possible. I’ve no idea about a backing yet. 🙂
 Tiny Town 8 of 9 is finished. I am making it with Anne Marie hers is on her blog already.
 It is a fun quilt
 with plenty of potential to customise and add your own details.
Just one to go!
Sorry I’ve not been to see you this week. I just had to sew again, and I’m struggling to fit everything in. I expect you know what that is like.

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