Time and 2 challenges for you.

 Isn’t time a strange thing. One moment your husband is wearing ski suits and the next your son. I’ve been going through more cupboards and boxes over the weekend. These will be handy for Son next year- if they still fit him!

 With Summer passing and Autumn’s arrival, I’m more than usually aware of time. I need a new watch- another analogue one because quite frankly the digital ones look daunting. I would never know which of the many buttons to push to tell the time.

There are pages of watches on the internet: wrist, pocket, nurses’ and so many materials: ceramic, plastic, resin gold silver and baser metals. Do I want to be reminded that it’s “good to be green” and choose a solar powered or eco driven one? Do I want an urban life with a jewel encrusted strap or do I want to become adventurous and dive to great depths? What did I want my watch to say about me? What did I think of Time?

I pondered over how each hour was as important as the other 11, so should be treated the same. On a practical level it had to be waterproof. I’ve lost too many watches to enthusiastic swims and relaxing baths. Watchface after face fulfilled my basic criteria but something was missing with each. I liked an austere steel watch with black arabic numbers enclosed in a perfect octagon. I hesitated though; it was so clear and so regular.

 Another watch appealed with a silver circular face decorated in crystals surrounding Roman numberals. It was pretty but my last watch needs replacing because some crystals have fallen out. The numerals though- surely it was good that the concept Time has different symbols from everyday ones?

 Then I saw THE ONE! Stainless steel so no gold colour to rub off, with an interlocking brick, shaped strap. Its face appealed the most with its bulging sides and pinched in top and bottom. It was quirky with a touch of Dali’s surreal watches about it. It’s designer clearly had similar ideas about time to me. Some hours bulge and others are pinched together.

 So after weeks of pondering and hours looking I know I have chosen well. It is the perfect watch to remind me that when I have so much to get done, it is possible to bulge an hour. But equally it is a good reminder to pinch a few hours together and relax to keep a balance.

 Each hour is important. Give yourself an hour this week. Make it an hour just for you whether it be a bulged or pinched one. It will be your hour to do whatever you want it.

 A charity shop jumper has just had another lease of life. I removed the 1990s style flowers to make it plain red, so I will wear it more often. A lot of stuff went to the charity shops which I had sorted out this weekend.

I have another challenge this week for you. Clear out 5 things that are useless/ugly/kept out of obligation and you hate them/outgrown/ will be useful one day but you’ve not touched in a decade etc. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel in just letting go of those things. Who knows they could be just what someone else was looking for. Then go and put something that is “very you” into your house. It feels good. I promise. Do share!

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