Berries + Paperiaarre + WIP + Moda’s new prices + Tea!

 Lets have a wander by the canal. It’s back to the 15th August, so what are the rowan berries doing out in profusion?

 Even sloe berries are ripe- great for making sloe gin for Christmas.

 Blackberries in the hedgerows for making into jam and pies with apple.

 Surely this is too early?

 Rows of cabbage in a field.

 Hawthorn berries

 fully ripe with wheat ready to be harvested.

 It’s a very mixed up month. It’s felt like Autumn for so long,

 and then we have a bright day

 where the bees are busy round the flowers.

 Monument to the starting point of the Leeds- Liverpool canal.

 Elderberry. One of my great aunts used to make wine from these. I remember her kitchen full of demijohns around the skirting board. She grew so much of her own food too.

 The clouds have cleared a little.

 Rose Bay Willow Herb (weed which self seeds profusely).

 Brandy Bottle lily. It smells like a Cognac Brandy.

 We did a little recall training with Bungle and Pipsqueak. Here is Squeak setting off at a trot to Lovely Husband and Bungle.

 It’s a lovely place to walk.

 Now let me share a very special purchase from Etsy.

 I was so excited when this arrived for Daughter. I bought it at Paperiaarre.

 There was a lovely printed card.

 And 3 printed bookmarks.

 But this was the main present: a beautiful hard-back linen bound book for daughter to write her first days of uni in. Special times deserve to be recorded in a special place. I loved the hand stencilled bird.

 Just look at the artistry in this binding!

 It will lay flat so it will be a joy to write in or add souvenir tickets etc. Daughter was so thrilled as she loved the one I took to record our Egyptian trip. It arrived very quickly, well packed.

These sorts of books make excellent Christmas gifts- just in case you were thinking ahead. She also sells matchbox art cards and even linen brooches. Do check out Paperiaarre and her 4 pages of delights.

 Remember I showed you the start of Autumn House by Bunny Hill Designs?

 Well I have now sewn the first 4 blocks.

 The appliques are mainly from my bags of bitty bits. The rest is from stash.

It’s a great design for using up those little bits. I think in the future I will be doing more projects like this. I was in a quilt shop this week where they had just had the Moda rep in to take their orders for 6-8 month’s time. The owner of the shop said that the prices would be around £15/m rather than the £10/m  currently on sale.

No wonder so many craft shops are shutting! One local to me is now refusing to stock Moda as he has found them difficult when one fabric from a range has sold out and he wants another not pre-ordered half a year in advance. Is this just a Moda-Europe problem or is it the same in Moda-USA?

Now my other shock this week- Twinning’s Tea which sells itself as an English tea company no longer makes tea in England. Furthermore, it has changed the recipe of the C18th Earl Grey Tea as liked by Prime Minister Grey in the 1830s so it can no longer legitimately be called Earl Grey Tea.  I don’t think the company is very honest with what it is currently doing. Thankfully I have a stockpile of their new Rose Tea, but when it is gone I wont be replacing it. So beware of Twinings Teas!

So what has shocked you lately? What are you making?

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