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 Welcome to Salmesbury Hall’s Wild Lancashire Day back on the 31st July. I’ve shown you the hall before so I wont go into detail. You might like this link about the history and hauntings of this Medieval hall. It’s feeling a lot like Winter here at the moment, so curling up with a good ghost story feels about right.
 I’m not going to ask what became of the British Summer this year.  The hounds were with us on this day out.
 There was music in the grounds lots of stalls.
 and even a Punch and Judy show.
 I made my way to the back of the hall to the tiny rose garden. I wish they had labelled these varieties.
 But who knows how long ago they were planted and the information may well be lost.
 It feels like a secret garden tucked away, with the air heavy with old rose scent.
 I think everyone had a great time.
 Now to the craft room. These are my 3 PIFs -all safely arrived with Ulla, Grethe and Kigwit. I only just remembered in time to take this photo! The pinwheel mini quilts were made from the leftovers of this star quilt. I saw a pic of the block and worked out how to make it from a jelly roll. Each triangle in the PIFs is the offcut from each star.
 Now how is that for using up my offcuts! I really impressed myself.
 Talking of impressing just look a this spoiled lot with their chews and bones.
 A couple of certain blue hounds- Bungle and Squeak got a 1st in the Best Family catagory at GRWEs dog show on the 13th of August.
 I think it went to their heads a bit
 as they think they can be lap dogs now!
 These are another example of how I used some offcuts. Daughter wanted covers for her Kindle, i-pod and phone. I made them and had enough for a mat afterwards.
 The i-pod case has a hole for the ear buds wire and a loop at the back so it can be threaded through a belt.
 Velcro fastenings.
 That is the very last of the 8 FQ woven offcuts from this quilt for Daughter.
 It is double sided and a design by Stephanie called Barefoot in the Park. You can buy it in her shop in the link.
 Here’s what’s on the cutting table right now- a glimmer of an idea for a bag for Daughter.
 This crochet circle blanket is all finished.
And these are the 1st 2 blocks of a quilt called Autumn Houses. I’ve started to sew the 1st one.
Next time I will take you for a walk along the canal and you can see how many berries are out.

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