Coniston 26-7th July WIP

 Yes I really am that far behind with telling you of this “Summer’s” adventures. We had guests so we spent a night at Coniston in Cumbria. Bungle was interested in our preparations.

 We went on walks along the lake side.

 Sometimes we saw blue sky- and this was the best of the weather all that week!

 Can you tell I’m slightly disappointed in our weather?

 Bungle went swimming and decided that it was too like rain for him to appreciate.

 It was Pipsqueak’s first time camping too. We took just her and Bungle as they were new to us. Fluff and Precious are old hands at it -they know how to try to make a comfy nest from everyone’s sleeping bags!

 I think Bungle was very happy.

 Mist rising on the lake in the morning.

 Beautiful walks.

 We love coming here for the tranquility.

 Old Hall, Coniston which I have shared before.

 Coniston Village is at the bottom of Coniston Old Man (hill).

 There is a path from the Old Hall to the village between the sheep fields.

 Coniston Old Man from the village museum.

 Gondala sailed past us. (The houseboat in “Swallows and Amazons”.)

 Ladybird the boat I painted red had her 1st outing. She did very well.

 We had tired out hounds but they liked barbeque food.

 This was home briefly.

This is Stephanie of Loft Creations Spools design. As you can see it is slightly too small to make a dog bed cover for the craft room. I added a little bit to the edges. Will share next time.

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