Planes,Hounds, and Tiny Town 3

 Yep I’m back again determined to catch up with my blog posting.
 There was an air show on the beach.
 Amazing stuntwork.
 The typhoon!
 Look how low it flew!
 Our very own typhoon dear Bungle. Ignore the mess- I had to get a pic of this, he’s trying to sit on a bean bag! We were laughing so much at his antics.
 Others of us like Pipsqueak thought he was just plain embarassing.
 Here’s a pic of the hounds at Salmesbury Hall which I’ll share next time. They loved it!
 Back home the palm tree which the snow killed off came down. I think we will try to have some log fires over Christmas. It is stacked drying at the moment.
 Here’s the pic I mentioned Candace. She was saying about her apples when who should wander past me but Lovely Husband with a bowl of apple crumble made from our own apples.
I want to share with you a little of my greyhound work. Below are some pics of 2 brothers taken on Saturday.
 and Wazzy. They are 8 years old and been through a lot together.
  GRWE are looking for a home for the pair of them together.
 They are lovely lads- a pleasure to walk, cat friendly and real gentlemen. You can see how good they are being walked with Bungle and Pipsqueak. The muzzles are a “just in case” measure while they get used to so many different things. You saw from Bungle’s blog how quickly they learn. 
These brothers really deserve a loving home to call their own. Please contact the charity (form on the left)  if you are interested in homing a hound in the West of England or phone 07000 785 092 Not all the hounds are up on the website.
 Lastly for now Tiny Town 3 which I’m making with Anne Marie and others.
 I loved doing this birdcage.
 and I tried to make the dog look more like a greyhound- of course! 
Salmesbury Hall and rose garden next time.

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