Green Fayre 24th July, Bag Club Bag Reveal- "Stephanie’s Choice"

 This was Pipsqueak’s first outing as our new dog for the pack.
 She was curious about the birds of prey without being fixated on them.
 Good good I thought.
 Anyone familiar Deb?
 Bungle was his normal laid back self just taking it all in. See sidebar for his own blog.
 The Vikings put in an appearance.
 As did a blacksmith. Just lookie at the spiderweb! He was working on other things with a fire going. The hounds were all unfazed.
 Chain saws and other machinery were working. The hounds just plodded along nicely. Wouldn’t the offcuts here be great for a kid’s bedroom as trees in the corners and then you paint the leaves on the wall? You could even attach hooks to them for things like hats bags and coats.
 A thatcher -beautiful work. The insurance premiums for a thatched house though are very high so not many people have them unless they have bought a listed house with one already. Shame as it is environmentally friendly.
 Rare breed sheep- count the number of horns. Pipsqueak was brave and went nose to nose with a plastic model but didn’t think much of it.
 This is where the Vikings were living for the 2 days of the Fayre.
 They looked quite comfy.
 Replica items to show how the Vikings lived. You had to finish your drink out of the horns as they were hard to put down between sips. LOL
 Wooden items only survive in waterlogged conditions for archaeologists so these would’ve been based on those.
 This was fascinating. A trug maker. The small ones were £15.
 This was my fav basket- look at the unusual zig zag weave. It was £32 so I didn’t buy it.
 Another method of basket making- with rushes rather than willow. Very pretty.
 It was great to see a lady wood worker. She is stringing a chair in the photo.
 Baskets galore for all purposes.
 Which leads me nicely to a bag. Us Bag Club ladies Ulla, Simone and myself said we would have a bit of fun in August and make any of Stephanie’s bags to share today. This is Loft Creation’s Oak Park bag. Click on the link to see Stephanie’s Etsy shop and all her designs.
 I found this perfect mushroom ish button for the bag.
 See the gorgeous elf and mushrooms in the squares.
 The main yellow fabric and the white lining fabric were a gift from Deb. Thank you Deb- see I put them to good use with this Autumn bag and I still have some left! She knows how much I adore elves.
Useful internal pocket for the bits you don’t want at the bottom.
Lady Fingers also by Stephanie.
Modern Mary Jane with a stitchery instead of an accent panel in the centre.
A Crow and Autumned themed Modern Mary Jane by Stephanie. Fabrics from Stephanie and Simone. Thank you ladies.
I’ve been busy over the weekend and can confirm that I’m now at the binding stage for the promised PIFs. I will let you 3 ladies know when they go in the post.
All for now- next time Crosby beach and whatever else I’ve managed to make.

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