Scarborough and Secrets

 You can tell we’re back in England can’t you? We went over the backbone of England- the Pennine Hills and into the rainclouds.

 Down the other side into Yorkshire.

 We kept heading East all the way to the coast at Scarborough for Hull Uni’s Open Day.

 There is a photograph in the Undergraduate Prospectus showing this room in the 1920s with old traditional furniture. I liked it better than this. A student told us that there aren’t enough tables to work at now.

 I bet this fireplace has seen so many students come and go.

 The old paneling in the reception area is gorgeous. There is a lovely feeling in the building. The campus is small and a little to the south of the town. Many students live in shared uni-run houses just outside the campus.

 You can see how close it is to the North Sea. That is Scarborough Castle on the headland.

 This is the sort of house near the campus. Love it!

 It is a Victorian seaside town.

 With many guest houses

 and hotels.

 South beach. The campus allows scuba diving as a recreational activity.

 Light house and fun fair.

 You can see the rain coming in over the light house.

 Lifeboat Station.

 Ferris Wheel.

 Scarborough Castle. The town and castle were bombarded by warships in 1914 so not much of it remains.

 We now go to North Beach and look back at the castle.

 You can see the newly built apartments by the beach. There are brightly coloured beach huts to the right of it. I’d love a beach hut sort of holiday. Just imagine waking up to the sound of the waves in the morning.

 Want to have a little look at the town now which nestles alongside the beaches and up the hill from the coast?

 For Bronte fans this is St Mary’s where Anne is buried. The only Bronte not buried in Haworth. Brill link on her life here and a pic of the grave.

 Sorry for the glare. We were on a minibus tour provided by the uni. This one of the main shopping streets.

 A bridge links the town areas. You can see how hilly it is. Sea in the distance.

Inland just a mile away from Scarborough it is very rural and unspoiled by property developers. I can happily imagine Daughter in this area going for walks when an essay is puzzling her or shopping in the town. It is a lot like Southport. I think it will suit her better than Portsmouth Uni which is in the heart of a naval town on the South coast and very built up. Also it is closer to home so I can imagine catching a train and meeting her in York for the occassional shopping trip.

Sorry there are no craft pics today -I am making secret PIFs. I am also doing a voluntary job of being a home co-ordinator for a dog rescue, so a lot of juggling of time is happening. I’ll catch up with you all as soon as I can.

What do you think of the new look? Based on the weather we’ve been having I’ve changed to my fav season -Autumn a little early. I love the rich reds and conker browns. What’s your fav season and why?

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