Last Zoo, Makings Tiny Town 1

 Ducks- anyone else thinking of velvet fabrics for Autumn here?

 Bactrian Camel

 Orange ruffed lemur

 My fav the ring tailed lemur.

 So serene as they catch the sun.

Can’t you feel the dense fur?

 They lined up as if for a photo.

 And sat in amazing poses.

 I loved watching how they interacted.

 So laid back.

 We were ushered out of the way by a camera crew.

 Ant the lemurs posed nicely.

 Flag iris.

 I’m thinking black and white quilt inspiration here.

 Or maybe Autumnal felts. Isn’t it amazing what Mother Nature does!

 Seals performed the sort of tricks which helps the trainers check them over.

 Beautiful waterfall in the background of the seal enclosure.

 The penguins were swimming now.

 I had a special moment with this orangutan. I swiped my hair from my eyes and she did the same. I smiled at her and she copied me. WOW!

 One of her companions reminded me of teenaged Son. 🙂

 These sunbathing otters made me smile. I could just tickle their tummies!

 The mewed like cats.

 I kept thinking of Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame. My fav book.

 My fav big cat eventually said hello at the end of the day.

 We had a last wander around. Goose.

 Then back with the lemurs we saw how they carried their young.

 No wonder their tails are so long.

 Wallaby‘s just chilling.

 An albino catching the sun.
Below a little bit of English wildlife- a baby rabbit. I wonder if it is called Flopsy. Mopsy Cottontail or Peter. I suspect Peter as he was the naughtiest and no Mummy rabbit could be seen.

 This is a sneak peek for something I will share as part of Bag Club with Simone and Ulla later in the month. I didn’t have a decorative panel suitable, so I embroidered an idea I had.

 Elves mushrooms and acorns all on the same fabric. What more could a girl ask for? Thank you so much Deb.

 And Stephanie sent this gorgeous crow fabric for me and strawberry ribbon for Laura. Thank you so much Stephanie.

 I went into Liverpool thi last week to get a passprt for Daughter. Of course there was time to kill in a bargain basement for fabric so I bought a vast amount. I didn’t have the courage to go to the upper floors and see what they sold. I was like a burglar hefting this bag of loot over my shoulder across the city.

 I put some elastic across the top of this panel of fabric from M Kate, so daughter would have a long skirt for our trip.

 I’ve also been up to secrets with more Aster Manor.

 Some things have gone in the post- others are waiting.

 I would love some time to just sit and read the new mag but….

 I can share Tiny Town 1 with you. I am making it with Anne Marie. She is running a fun group for anyone who also wants to make this quilt with a bit of company so you keep going. It has a lot of hand stitching.

 Pop in and say hello if this is somethign you would like to do too.

 It is a lovely quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing how other people’s come out.

 Mine is in pastels with Simplicity by Moda fabrics.

I’ll catch up with you all soon. Just doing some final top secret makings.

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