Jultomtar and Tonttu

 Pics are curtesy of daughter trying out her camera now it’s been fixed under guarantee. 
Bungle in black and white.
 I thought I would try to use up the last of my red and grey wool, so I came up with this trio.
 The bigger 2 are Jultomtar (Yule Elves)
 They are from an Alan Dart pattern. You can buy the pdfs directly from him. It was cheaper than ebay.
The little one is a Tonttu- a Finnish elf. 
Christmas is less than half a year away now. I’ll need all the elves I can get.
Daughter has now finished all her A’level exams. She thinks she did ok. We had a meal to celebrate. It is a huge relief to all of us. Son has 2 more 1st year GCSEs to go.
More on Saturday. Will try to catch up with your blogs before then.

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