Zoo, Precious is 8, Aster Manor


 Giraffe doing a Bambi impression.
 The boss- silver back male gorilla.

Megallanic Penguin
 Seals sleeping and active. The zoo put on a display.

 Red Panda.
 Daughter’s fav critter so we took a lot of pics.

 I love the conker brown near their horns.
 Squirrel Monkey
 These chaps were as inquisitive about us as we were about them.
 Precious was 8 yesterday. She is on crate rest still because of a ligament problem.
 Daughter spelled her name in gravy flavour bones on her birthday cake.
 It was Bungle’s first doggy party with us. He behaved really well although he was sitting like a real man trying to take over as big an area as possible for crumb potential.
 I have finally finished this quilt in Aster Manor fabrics. Some of the measurements weren’t right so it was a bit fiddly.
 I backed it in a cream floral Aster Manor and bound itin the same fabric as the first border.
 Top and bottom halves. It is my first scalloped edge quilt. I am pleased with how it came out. Son bought me the fabrics for Mother’s Day, so it’s a bit special.

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