Aster Manor 4-12, Blackpool Zoo

 Block 4 of Hearts and Dragonflys in Aster Manor by Moda.
 Block 5
 Block 6
 Block 7
On Tuesday Daughter needed a break so we went to Blackpool Zoo for the day. Sit back and be inspired by the colours textures and magic of nature. Macaw.
Catalina Macaw
Catalina’s wings and tail.
Red and Green Macaw
Blue and Gold Macaw
Tiger I think this chap is a hybred of a Bengal and a Siberian so not good for breeding.
They were waiting for feeding time.
After the big cats I thought I’d share a “little cat:” Meerkat.
This wild grey heron in the foreground, obviously felt at home near the pelicans. I’ll share more of the zoo next time, when I have gone through the photos.

Below is what I’ve been doing today. After a week of hard work I really enjoyed just sitting and hand sewing.

 Block 8
 Block 9
 Block 10 I added the year in the heart.
 Block 11 I did fancy stitches in the lower heart.
Block 12. The next stage is to piece some strips to join the 12 embroidered blocks.

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