Blues Brothers, Barefoot in the Park, Aster Manor

 Last Saturday we went for Lovely Husband’s birthday treat- the Blues Brother’s Show. They were very good. Unfortunately the staff at the venue kept making people sit down when they were dancing. There are times when health and safety really interferes with people’s enjoyment of an evening. They are playing in Blackpool on Tuesdays over the Summer.

 Afterwards we walked by the Marine Lake. Paddle boat not yet in service.

 Lakeside Inn The smallest pub in England measuring 22ft by 16ft. It was the pump house for the sanatorium over the road.

 So that people could have the benefits of sea bathing in the basement

 What do you think of this sign outside another pub we passed?

 I hadn’t noticed this lady in town before.

 Her other arm is broken which is a shame. I hope she gets fully restored.

 Stephanie of Loft Creations has just published a quilt pattern called Barefoot in the Park. I asked her a question about it and the generous lady sent me a copy. Thank you so much Stephanie. I woke up yesterday knowing just what fabrics to make it in so spent the morning putting it together.

 The instructions were so easy to follow. I layered and quilted it this afternoon and bound it in a lilac and white stripe.  Daughter loved it so much that this is the quilt she will take to uni with her this September -if her grades are good enough.

 The back. The squares and circle decoration on the front are all from a set of 8 FQs by Freedom Fabrics.

 The borders were a lilac gingham, and the background a lilac dot on white. Have a go yourself! You can buy it or handbag patterns here on Etsy from Stephanie of Loft Creations.

 I can also share Hearts and Dragonflys in Aster Manor by Moda. Block 1 of 12 all embroidered and appliqued.

 Block 2

and block 3. Click to enlarge photos. Some of the embroideries are quite intricate.

Daughter is out at the moment at a ball for all the leavers this year. Today was her last official day in. She will only be going in now for revision sessions and exams. Son has exams in June too. I may join the foreign legion. 🙂  Will catch up with you all as soon as I can. I’ve heard that blogger is still playing up for some people.

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