Jars, Pots, Boxes and a Rainy Walk

 I had this kit for my birthday back in March. I had been dodging it as I am to cooking what Attilla the Hun was to world peace.

 I got brave though and bought a tin of ready prepared Seville Oranges for marmalade.

 I’d never used a jam thermometer before. I’m impressed though.

 I followed the instructions and skimmed the froth off the top.

 Da da! My first batch of marmalade. I think I have more of an idea what to do now. Rhubarb and garden plums watch out!

 While talking of the garden -Bungle. Don’t let the butter wouldn’t melt expression fool you. This lad thinks he is head gardener- i.e. he removes the heads of tulips.

 Just look what he has done to the terracotta pot of tulips from Amsterdam!

Should be call him “Bungle the Guillotine?”

 I wonder what he will make of these?

 We had a rainy weekend so the Rogers and Hammerstein boxed set came out.

 And I painted some brown cardboard boxes.

 This one was painted dark blue on the inside and Summers blue on the outside. Very Van Gogh! I don’t think he used glitter varnish like me though. 🙂

 These 2 I just used one colour for. I thought their designs complicated enough.

 Our bowling lane has had a makeover! Sadly I couldn’t throw even with the rails up.

 After a round we walked on the pier next door. It was getting dark so the beach was deserted.

 The sea end of the pier is shut and locked by the council very early in the evening. Shame I think a lot of people would like to see the sun set from there.

 This old weight machine is advertising the vintage arcade.

 Have a closer look.

 Pier light from below.

 Pier light.

 We walked towards town for a bag of chips. I had to take this photo- the contrast between the messy graffitti of the skater park and the clean lines of Marine Bridge. It reminded me of a sci-fi film set.

 I played with camera settings. The art deco inspired new hotel.

 The Clifton Hotel. I’ve shown you this before and told you about the Venitian Balls held here and on the water with boats turned into lit gondalas on the lake.

 Here I played with my camera settings so you can see the lake more clearly.

 “Venetian Nights” poster can be seen here 13th pic. click to view. Pics 10, 11, 13 and 14 show Southport in its 1930s heyday when it had a Lido (open air pool where the cinema currently is).

 This was once the floral gardens. For fans of vintage views and postcards, this is a good link.

 The very last of the sunset.

 We ate our chips in a shelter down by the lake as it was raining. Here’s the view of the Marine Bridge.

 And the old Venetian Bridge like in the poster.

 Shrimp sculpture.

 We hurried back to the car in the wet.

Reflections of Marine Bridge underlighting on the lake.

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