South Lakes, Daughter Love applique.

 Time to leave Grassmere.

 Sit back and enjoy the scenery

 on the way to Coniston.

 The valleys are green

 and lush

 but the top of the mountains are so dry.

 At the moment there are wild fires in various parts of the UK.

 Here though is safe.

 This si something I have been wanting to do since last Summer- take Ulla’s Coot Club flag to Coniston. The Coot Club is a book by Arthur Ransome who also wrote Swallows and Amazons. Ulla and I read them last year.

 She also gave me dolls which match the descriptions of the child characters in the books. Nancy Blackett, Peggy Blackett, Dorothea (Dot) Callum and Dick Callum who forgot his glasses.

 They were very well behaved in spite of the wind ruffling their hair.

 The new canoe still needs repainting but it has been raining the last couple of days.


 But what has happened to her prow? Her snake is missing.

 Quickly the dolls got into position.

 So they could have a photograph with Gondola. Thank you Ulla for making such fun dolls.

 This place is real soul food.

 The children had a lot of fun as they could go at similar speeds now.

 Monk Coniston jetty.

 The Spring greens are already looking like the deeper Summer greens.

 This is where we usually sit.

 Beautiful garden colours on the hillside.

 I have photos of Son up in this tree. It is a shame to see it so drastically pruned.

 Anemone and violet in the wind.

 Garlic smelling to make your mouth water. Good job we had a picnic packed.

 The lake level is lower than normal.

 But it is a very deep lake 184ft /56m

 But the streams feeding it just haven’t had the rainfall.

 I was enjoying the sunshine though. We’ve not had a decent Summer in years.

 We started to pack up in the evening.

 One last paddle.

 It looked like father and son were following a path of sunlight on the lake.

 Fluff rendered in fabric.

 Daughter’s initial in a love heart.

Daughter has A’level exams coming up in June which will decide what uni she goes to. It is a rough time of year and she is feeling the pressure. I wanted to make her something to show herself surrounded in love and security and things close to her like her dog, home, nature and love. I tried to put love into every stitch and think good thoughts for her future. I’ve called it Daughter Love. It’s based on one of my drawings.

I wonder how many other mothers through the generations have sewn with exactly the same purpose as me? Quite a lot I suspect. I don’t think a mother every stops worrying or caring about their children no matter how old they are. Motherhood is a job for life.

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