Birthday, Cakes, Makings and an author

 Our bird box is being used for the first time ever. I am so proud- little blue tits think our garden worthy. I heard them chirruping to be fed when I was hanging out the washing.

 Today is Lovely Husband’s birthday. He wasnted a curry so I made one from scratch but bought the trimmings.

 He wanted chocolate cake so I made that too and flapjacks. I had a cooking head on so I ended up making lemon drizzle cake too for another day. I feel like I spent most of the day in the kitchen.

 It probably makes up for the time I’ve spent in the craft room recently making this little quilt.

 I’ve cut a lot of Moda’s Aster Manor too.

 A wonderful parcel arrived from Simone with a spoon hook set and watering can for red dot mad daughter. For me there were lots of coffee sachets, a coffee tea towel, napkins mayonaise and assorted licorice. Thank you so much Simone.

 From Ulla this gorgeous fabric arrived with a tin wth webbing and trims in, and some scrap felt. Thank you so much Ulla.

 OO I almost forgot I made this from a stitchery in Aussy Homespun. I altered it into a door stop.

 The back has sewing machines.

 The front reels and pins.

 Lovely Husband got this quilt today. I made it using a lot of the fabrics I bought in Holland.

 It has a toile dog in the centre. It even looks a little like Bungle.

 Other activities these past few weeks was going to an evening with John Boyle, the man who wrote “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas”. I had an advanced copy of the book he was promoting called “The Absolutist.”

 He was signing books afterwards. A very good speaker with a great question and answer session. He was the first author Son had seen.

 Oh now let me share this gorgeous VW van with you called Lulabelle. She has been all over the world.

 Beautiful teapots on the stall.

 The lady who makes the wonderful cakes which are perfect with the teapots.

 Inside Lulabelle. Isn’t it enough to make even me want to bake?

 We made do with our less glam cake stand for the scrummy cakes.

And my favourite teapot. So lets all sit down and have a cuppa now after all that gadding around. I’ll catch up with you all soon.

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