The last of Amsterdam- Vondel Park and the police.

 We took things very easy on our last day, just wanting to enjoy every moment.

 We wandered round Vondel Park looking at the rainbows in the fountain.

 And the Cubist inspired sculpture.

 Heron- a great fisher from ponds here.

 What an amazing wingspan!

 A little family of ducks- not sure what variety allowed me to get close.

 The drake was very polite and walked around me in a wide berth.

 Heron in a willow tree. I was reminded of Chinese art.

 I see you Mr and Mrs Jackdaw! They had a hole just above a parakeet hole.

 A bed of crocus.

 Tiny tulip- a variety I hadn’t seen before.

 The former church I shared before.

 This almost Austrian building interested me with its balconies.

 It was built to be a school.

 In town we spotted these statues decorating a building just off the Leidseplein.

 Horses pulling Heineken beer barrels. There is a brewery in Amsterdam.

 What a well matched pair! The feathering on their feet was all white and fluffy. They looked so fit and healthy and nothing phased them.

 I saw these rainbow hammocks and thought of lazy Summers with one strung across an orchard. Sadly England hasn’t had a decent Summer for a while so I am enjoying this current weather while I can.

 Jeeves and Wooster! Oh this plaque made me smile. It is so lovely that humour can cross national boundaries.

 We sat in the sun enjoying the Museumplein. I had jokingly said to Simone that I might “borrow and Van Gogh” and she agreed that she hadn’t heard of us. LOL

 Well imagine my surprise when a helicopter circled us 7 times just by the Van Gogh Museum.

 And 3 policemen stood oh so casually a few feet from us. We all know police are like parents and have eyes in the back of their heads. I emailed Simone to tell her we were rumbled! 🙂

 I had to take these last pics of the Jackdaws as we walked through Vondel Park to catch the bus to the railstation.

 After all I couldn’t go somewhere without a corvid or 2 keeping an eye on me.

Oh yes and if there is a Van Gogh missing- it was the jackdaws not us. There were casing the museum when we were there. They are a dodgy sort- eyes close together wearing black and grey with pale eyes. Oh yes Mr Officer we’d know them again if we saw them. I think they are part of an international ring of thieves. LOL

 I hope I’ve inspired some of you to see Amsterdam for yourselves. It really is a lovely city to walk around. Thank you Simone for showing us more of it than we would’ve otherwise. It was a very special day.

I’m having trouble getting my camera to cough up the pics on it at the mo. but will persevere.

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