Amsterdam 6 North and East + Makings

 We are up my the railway station now. This is the main bike park. There were thousands of bicycles!

 This is the main port area -it almost felt like we were on the sea with tiny waves.

 The Bimhuis is a new building for music- a lot of Jazz is played there.

 Itwas such a busy place. The lower left pic shows a cruise cabin boat. Cranes tower over the buildings.

 “Out with the old and in with the new” as Toad of Toad Hall would say.

 I quite liked the old ships. I wonder which ports they sailed to?

 The building looked like a boat.

 I wonder if this is a modern trend for architecture as the new buildings in Liverpool One have a similar theme.

 Not everything was modern here though.

 Many of the old warehouses are now flats.

 Seagulls made their homes anywhere.

 I liked this alternative house on the water. It made me think of Ratty’s House from Wind in the Willows.

 A working shipyard

 by the side of the Kromhout Museum of boats.

 There are 8 windmills in Amsterdam but this is the only one we saw. You knew I had to put this tune here didn’t you?

 I was surprised by the thatch on the lower part of the windmill.

 The new tower blocks are influenced by the gables of the old on the River Amsel.

 A few close ups.

 Then we rejoin the old buildings again.

 A sweet older boat.

 We though decided to get out near the Albert Cuyp Market.

 This beautiful starling was in full song oblivious to my camera. It was a special moment. I then bought some fabric. There are about 4 or 5 shops just in the short length of road.

 We walked back to the hotel.

 This is the church whose tower we could see over the park from our room.

 I think it is offices now.

 Statue in front of the Filmmuseum in Vondel Park.

 The back of our hotel from the park. We woke up to birdsong which is wonderful to hear in a city.

 Down a side road I came across one of the buildings I remember from years ago when I was last here.

 Click to see the people by the windows.

 Balconies and bay windows were well suported.

 Lastly I leave you with a couple of things which have now arrived in New Zealand.

 One for Darlene

 and another for Deb.

 Lilac bits and buttons for Deb.

and pink strawberries and cakes for Darlene. Christchurch is still getting aftershocks. You can’t tell if it will turn into another biggie so I admire these courageous ladies who are continuing on trying to craft when they can with their homes needing so much work and their families needing support. I made some knitted cloths to help with the clean up. They were made with vintage yarn with nylon in, so should last a long time. Of course I forgot to take a photo of those and of the other bits I squished in their parcels. 🙂

One one last trip to Amsterdam left- Vondel Park. Then I will catch you up with all the goings on here.

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