Amsterdam 5 and a river trip

 We had a drink together just outside this fascinating building.

 These ladies looked like peacocks until I got close.

 Art Noveau Owls. Hmmm do I feel another project coming on? There hasn’t been much time for sewing what with 3 boilermen visits and the Sky satillite being replaced.

 Click to read.

 The Rood (red) Shop we decided we had to get Daughter some things in here as red is her favourite colour.

 The lady was so helpful and even wrapped the things up to make them extra special.

 This is the haul Daughter ended up unwrapping. The red tulip cup, mat and strawberry timer from Simone were prefect for her. Thank you Simone. I had to get her the red dotty enamel cooking pot to take with her to uni hopefully in September if she passes her exams.

 Simone gave us a suitcase of goodies to oo and ahh about together. Licorice galore! Such sweet cups! And all sorts of things that they don’t sell in England.

 We slowly made our way reluctantly back to the rail station.

 The sun was starting to set on our day but the train wouldn’t wait.

 We had walked miles together and come many miles for our day together. It was so so special. Thank you so much Simone for showing us parts of Amsterdam we would never have found. Most of all a big thank you for your friendship.

 Hubby and I walked back to the hotel with the suitcase full of things from Simone, knowing it would take her a while to reach her home with her suitcase of English things.

 It had been a busy and fun day.

 But I couldn’t stop taking photos. Doesn’t this house look like a castle!

 This was the best shot I could get of the beautiful leaded window.

 The next morning we had a hot date with Picasso and Van Gogh. We bought our tickets in advance so were the first in the Van Gogh Museum.

 There were stalls outside which sold paintings by art students trying to copy Van Gogh. I was tempted but I had already bought a print of Wheatfield with Crows– my fav Van Gogh from when I was last here.

 We had joked to Simone that if she hears of a Van Gogh going missing then we weren’t in the country and she had never heard of us. 🙂

 They sold funny mushroom socks for Daughter here in the Museumplein.

 We headed for the canal past the Rijksmuseum again.

 The sunshine was wonderful- England hadn’t had any yet.


 And of course tulips!

 I may have bought some and some cheese. 🙂 Oh I was such a tourist! Every style and colour of tulip imaginable. I went for yellow and red to be planted together like in my Grandmother’s garden, and blue and white like Delftware china. Cheese was yummy!


 We got in a boat which was going round the outer canal in a circle around Amsterdam.

 It was fun to be so low down and seeing so many buildings we might otherwise have missed just by walking on that side of the road.


 Gables– so different from the English style.

 I went click happy with the camera.

 Below left is the picture I drew out for the applique.

 So many styles and colours which toned together.

 Decorative gable.

 Not everyone lived in houses, -this houseboat was occupied. What a wonderful way to live!

 We travelled up the West part of Amsterdam heading North towards the railway station.

Next time I will show you the more modern East part of the city.

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