Amsterdam 4 Anne Frank, Begijnhof, Fabrics and makings

 Simone and her family showed us the Anne Frank House on the way to the Pancake Restaurant. There were huge queues of people so we didn’t go in.
 Here is a better view of the house from a postcard.
 I was fascinated by the details of many buildings.
 We would never have found the Begijnhof down this narrow alleyway without Simone showing us. Click the link to her blog where she also shows you the Begijnhof.
 Click to read.
 Map showing the layout. It was once more of an island (created by canals) for the religious women with a drawbridge in what is now the narrow alleyway we walked through from a busy road of shops.
 Immediately it feels very different- so peaceful.
 The buildings behind these C17th facades are much older. The layout is Medieval.
 I think this is possibly Mary mother of Jesus on the top of this house- this was the only Roman Catholic in Amsterdam at one point when the country was becoming Protestant.
 The ladies who lived here owned the houses and were free to leave and marry any time they wanted, but while they lived here they were celebate.
 Statue of Cornelia Arens who wished to be buried outside of the church in 1654. The legend has it that she would be buried in the English (Protestant) church but her coffin would appear outside the following morning until she had her wishes met.
 I wonder if such things will happen in our time with so many people’s wills being challenged by relatives in the courts leading to the deceased’s wishes not being carried out. It makes me wonder how valid a will actually is.
 We took a different way out. I smiled at these colour as they were the same as on the bag I had made Simone earlier but that she hadn’t seen yet.
 It was almost a shame to walk on this floor.

Click to see the plaques embedded in the wall.
 Little figure wearing clogs. Each one was different. I wish I had taken more photos now.
Ok I promised you a confession of how much fabric I bought in Amsterdam. I’ve added the bags showing the addresses if you are in the area. Albert Cuypstraat had many fabric shows as well as a market. The 2 fabrics on the right are German. A gorgeous range by Tante Ema. I wish I had bought more of them.
I couldn’t leave these Dutch elves behind how could I? I had some ideas for the blue and white, and I love batik.
These 2 with strawberries on came all the way from Japan. 
Now let me share the very special Dutch fabrics from Den Haan and Wagenmakers
I bought a FQ pack of tonals, and a sample of all they had in this unusual range where the fabric is printed with 3 designs (see bottom fabric) Simone and I shared these -you can see my half here and have promised to make a something to share on our blogs with them  by my next birthday. I intend to make a quilt to remember our day together and the lovely blogger lady who served us.
Back here I haven’t been idle- I’ve been playing with ideas from the trip this week. 
I borrowed a skatch pad from the children and began doodling some of the ideas from my head.
 I had  a 2″ photo in a book showing an ancient coin from Athens which I thought would make a good applique. I drew a version then saw this article on the net where the pictures were much bigger.
The Tulips from Amsterdam are now hanging in the craft room as a reminder of the bulbs I brought back. I wanted them to look like they were being watered by the watering can frame. I chose red and yellow as these were the colours in my Gran’s garden when I was little. Another tub has blue and white ones. I will show you when they are in flower. They will be a little late as they weren’t planted in September but the morning after I got back. 
 Here is how my Athenian Owl turned out with a some of the Awesome range by Sandy Gervais.
I used wools and felts. 
I reversed the blanket stitch in the eyes to make it look more natural.
 This is what I am currently working on: Amerstdam Canal Houses.
Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. The Berts Bees pack from Daughter was used liberally last night after I got rid of rotten trellis in the garden and filled a wheelie bin with weeds and prunings. I ached all over afterwards and sat with my feet in a bucket.  It’s good stuff- if anyone is looking for a gift I really recommend it. The coconut foot cream makes you think of tropical beaches. 🙂 The fabrics are Aster Manor by Moda. They were what a shop had left and offcuts so Son got a good deal on them. 

I was also given these Hoffman Bali Handpaints in the most wonderful colours. Thank you Lovely Husband. I felt totally spoilt all Mother’s Day.

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