Amsterdam 3 Centraal Station, Den Haan & Wagenmakers

 Back in England briefly. I appliqued a couple of cottages on some tea towels for Simone as we were going to meet for the 1st time in Amsterdam. She said her favourite colour was pink so I made sure they had some pink details. I was so excited as she is the first blogger I have met in real life.

 They matched a grab bag I had made her with plaited padded handles.

 A little pocket inside with birds and flowers on.

 Outside had the blue version of this fabric. The bag base was borrowed from the Reversable Bucket Bag from this book as seen on the cover. I will share my version of this bag at the end of the month when Simone Ulla Suzie and I will show together.

 This and a few English things were left at the luggage lockers in Amsterdam’s Railway Station: Centraal Station.

 History is in the link.

 So much attention to detail which I think is lacking in a lot of modern buildings.

 Just look at the size of it. I will pan to the left.

 No wonder Simone and I initially missed one another!

 I did know she couldn’t possibly have been the lemon faced woman I saw when looking for her. Her emails and blog posts always sound like they are smiling.

 For now though her train isn’t due so we did touristy things like take photographs.

 It is a very beautiful building.

 Of course a canal isn’t too far away. This was one of the busiest ports in the world in the 1600s.

 Religious freedom unlike other parts of the world led to a questioning frame of mind which started new inventions and innovations. People were attracted to living here and many made their fortunes buying shares in the Dutch East India Company or the Dutch West India Company.

 This area has many shops still.

 And buildings pointing at their proud maritime history.

 We walked back to the Railway Station and met Simone and her husband after some phone calls saying “Where are you?” “What are you wearing?” This is the best shot I have unfortunately of Simone and I together. It really was the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam.

 She showed us the city from a Dutch point of view. Madame Tussaud’s waxworks get everywhere!

 How the old blends with the new.

 Fascinating building details.

 Dam Square click on the link to read of the tragic event which took place here in 1945.

 I have found an outfit for you Stephanie!

 Yes lots and lots of old bobbins! I didn’t buy it though- you will have to visit Amsterdam to see if it fits properly. 🙂

 Simone introduced me to this lovely shop Den Haan & Wagenmakers which I would never have found on my own. See how it blends into the rest of the street? Our husbands had coffee over the road while we oooed and ahhed.

 Annelies a fellow blogger served us. Pop over and see her Dear Jane quilt- it is amazing!

 Everywhere I looked was inspirational. The fabrics were new and exciting to me too. They aren’t all the usual Moda fabric which you can find anywhere in the world but also some of their own traditional Dutch ones. I will share next time what fabrics I bought from here and elsewhere in Amsterdam. The ones here are rather special. They have an online shop for those who can’t be there in person.

 Tiles in a doorway. What an excellent stitchery design.

 I know a daughter who would like these.

 Simone’s daughter joined us for traditional Dutch pancakes. So many toppings!

 Dutch smoked bacon is delicious. I had to try it with banana as I had never eaten such a combination. Wonderful and so filling!

 Simone pointed out the hooks at the top of the canal houses. As the houses are so narrow the stairs are so small, so furniture was hauled up on ropes to the right floor. I had to laugh as I had the vintage comedy clip running through my head of a piano going up with all sorts of mishaps. I suppose it was also one way of seeing just what the neighbours had. LOL

 Old beautiful lamps.

I leave you with a picture of these shutters. More next time.

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