Amsterdam 2- Leidseplein

 I left you at lunch time of day 1 before. Let us walk a circular route to the hotel on Hooftstraat.

 A lot of Amsterdam was built between 1600 and 1640 when the population doubled.

 I had to take a photo of this unusual skeleton necklace. I thought it would impress Son.

 Is anyone else thinking of salt box applique houses?

 A muted palate full of character.

 I wondered what the attic room would look like with this tower as part of it.

 It is easier to travel by canal than by car on these narrow roads. There is a saying that the canals are 3 metres deep one meter water one meter mud and one meter bicycle. It is hard to think with so many bicycles around that so many are in the canals too.

 I liked the cheesegrater where the lady’s skirt was the grater.

 What fabulous flasks!

 Away from the bright shop windows the colours tone together well.

 It looked like a French Chateau tower among the houses.

 This is the place I have the most memories of- Leidseplein. There is a panoramic pic in the link showing it at night.

 In Winter there is an ice rink here. I used to wake before the trams and skate here before heading to the museums or mooching round the streets.

 Love the ironwork.

 The whole building.

 The blinds reminded me of heavy lidded cartoon character eyes.

 Dachshunds! I was already missing the hounds at home. It felt odd walking so much without holding a lead.

 The clock tower.

 Casino by the Hard Rock Cafe.

 Huge trunked trees- so majestic.

 Azalea– great colour combination.

 The view of Vondelpark from our hotel room.

 The hotel had its own garden backing on to the park.

 I can thoroughly recommend the Hotel City Garden.

 The old church tower was beautiful as the sun began to set.

 People cycled home from work through the park.

 We explored Leidseplain in the dark looking for supper.

 I couldn’t resist taking my camera.

 Just look at these beauties of painted and stained leaded glass! Musical instruments.

 In ornate settings.

 I had to take a pic of the sweets arranged in rainbow colours.

 Hooftstraat with lots of closed designer shops on our way back for a good night’s sleep.

Next time I will share a very exciting day- I met Simone a fellow blogger! Please see her blog for a peek at our time together as she took us on a wonderful tour of the city.

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