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I’m going to pretend it’s Spring already as I am fed up of the cold wet and windy weather we’ve been having. I love the smell of hyacinths. I’m still getting used to this new style blog template which allows a whole batch of pics to go up at once.

Below is a prize- a mini quilt from Nancy Halvorsen’s Spring booklet, for Lynn for finding out that the stitcheries in the last blog post were from Anni Downs’ Simple Pleasures booklet.
Thank you Lynn of Hey-Boo it will be in the post to you asap.

Here is the finished 9 Patch Quilt for Anne Marie‘s 9 Patch challenge.
Both of the above projects were made using Nancy Halvorsen’s Cider Mills range.
These are some little lavender bags out of the left overs from the greyhound cushions I made as a Christmas presents. They are in the post to the same lady with no blog.
Now let me share with you a French book “Born to Quilt” by Veronique Requena.
My mouth watered at this cream tea.
This is why I bought the book- just look at this marvellous sewing machine cover!
There are inspirational pics of her house too.
And loads of other projects too. A lovely book with a pull out page of patterns in the back. You don’t need to be able to read French to understand the gist of how to make the things.
This is my first necklace “Romance”. I made it from beads bought from Tracy of Pink Purl.
She is having a de-stash sale on her etsy shop. Have a look.

It has pink quartz, silver foiled beads, and pink pearls.

Talking of romance and things Valentine-ish, it has occured to me that young girls these days see little of old fashioned style courting. Guys think that as girls can take precautions that sex should be an option before they really know one another. It is hard for girls to say no. This area has the highest teen parents in the UK.  So come on tell me I’m getting old and cynical and that you all know of lovely flower bearing young lads with moonstruck expressions on their faces. 🙂

“Amethyst.” This was my next bash using amethysts and purpley bits
with purpley stone bits for the knot loop.

Dreamy creamy pearls (seed and potato) went into this necklace.
with crystals spaced between the pearls at the front.

Assorted silver foiled, faceted and tiny aqua beads with centre stones.
Assorted silver foiled glass beads, silver nuggets, and tiny blue beads.
I put the strings together to make “Treasures of the Sea”. It is meant to feel like the flotsom and jetsom you see on the tide.
I’ve had the idea for this one in my head ever since I saw the beads Tracy was selling. Go and have a look- she knows the proper names for them all and see if you get inspired by her de-stash clear out too.
I have a little pirate treasure now. 🙂

Below is a scarf I forgot to show before. Stephanie of Loft Creations sent the ball to me as a Christmas present.  Ok I’m only slightly behind with pics here under this new blog template!

Remember the Noro yarn I got for Christmas from Son? I made the over the knee socks which fell to my ankles (causing much laughter in the house HMPH! rotton lot) so they were rapidly gartered with elastic instead of the ties in the patttern. Anyway this is what I made with the leftovers. I ran out at the toes but had a little oddment I could use to finish them.

Suzie of Little Busy Bee sent me some lovely sock yarn so I could make some more gorgeous socks. She too has the sock bug. Thank you so much Suzie.

Another arrival in the post was this lovely plaque and card from Annie Coe of Blissful Bohemian I have some of her lightweight porcelain pendants.

To see more of her work including paintings and ceramic buttons see her etsy site. Thank you so much Annie. I hope you have heating and normal electricity back soon.

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