Overlapping Nine Patch top- Anne Marie’s Challenge

I’ve been sewing these 12 embroideries (click to enlarge)  
 Which were given to me in a scrap bag already drawn on in blue pen.
 The designs looked sweet, so I sewed them.
 No idea what they were originally from.
 If anyone knows do let me know.
 I didn’t like to see them go to waste and I needed something to do in front of the TV in the evenings.
 In the same bag were some creamy tonals
 So I added a few of my own.
 Then an assortment of Nancy Halvorsen’s Cider Mill left overs
 from the “Be Attitudes” quilt I made of hers a while back.
 to make lovely darker squares for the small 9 patches.
I used bigger pink apple pieces to make the larger 9 patch design.
 I ended up with a centre which looked like this. I added a cream border, then a dark green apple border, and to finish a yellow apple border. I have a lot of this yellow left over as it was going to be the backing for the Be Attitudes Quilt. Instead it is going to be the backing for this one. It is going to be a gift for an elderly lady to help her stay warm in the cold weather we are currently having. I’ll show you it again when it is finished. It’s all out of stash so I am very pleased.

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