Quilts Ladyfingers Autumn

Just look what came in the post! A wonderful early Christmas present from Stephanie of Loft Creations! She thought I’d like to hang it now for Halloween/Autumn. Thank you Stephanie it is now up in the craft room.
Stephanie is pretty talented. She designed the Ladyfingers bag last year I think. You can buy the pattern on her Etsy shop when she returns. This has been on my list to make for a while.
Her instructions were spot on. It was my 1st time makeing dresdens (red bit) so I am very pleased. The bag goes with the red coat I made earlier in the year. Black crow fabric for the outer.
and cream crow fabric and pockets for the inside.
A little lavender bag making.
I finally used my very 1st jelly roll Boutique by Moda. This took a bit of thought. I wanted to use the lot and came up with this idea from a picture of a scrappy quilt.
Dots, freckles and flowers.
I bound it in a bit of Kaffe Fassett paisley in the pink colourway. This has been on my Wanna Make 2010 list since March. Big tick on list.
You’ve seen the Autumn wreath before haven’t you? It is by Cinnamon Patch -a French pattern in her book Quilt Country. This is my little Autumn corner of her designs for felt.
This is from her new book Cinnamon Inspirations. Felt and perle 5 backed in felt. This has been waiting to be made since this time last year!
This is the wallhanging to match the wreath from her Quilt Country book. Again this has been waiting most of the year to be made.
I backed this in one of my fav cottons. Such a shame it wont be seen much but it is perfect fot it …unfortunately.
So lets have a look at Autumn at Ashurst Beacon. It’s a misty morning and we’ve all been inside for too long with the bad weather.
Dew covers the grass in pearls and diamonds. Pics by hubby as mine were wiped by a new programme to re-number them (camera playing up again and resetting the photos to zero each time).

Leaves are starting to be boats on the ponds.
Beautiful colours frame the old windmill.
Fluff is grinning from ear to ear.
Angel is so happy too. She is such a game old soul happy to potter around.
When the mist cleared it was my fav sort of Autumn mornings.
Colours are starting to change.
Through the woods into a clearing.
You can feel Autumn in the air- 7C-10C.
Old kissing gate. Yes you are meant to kiss someone as you go through. 🙂
It was great to blow some cobwebs away after working silly hours.
All the hounds appreciated it.
Rose bay willow herb gone to seed. Pretty but invasive weed flowers pink in Summer.
So many shades of green and blues in the sky.
Dead tree reminding me that Winter is just around the corner.
For now though I will enjoy Autumn and all it’s jewel like colours.

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