Flu Walk Makings

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. We all had flu over half term and life has been so busy since.
But let me take you back a little to a walk along the canal before all this rain came.
Hawthorn berries.
Love the contrast of the black and grey boat and the bright buckets.
Reds are appearing.
Dappled light in the woods.
Beautiful peridot green.
The hounds enjoyed a potter around.
The way the light came through the trees was beautiful.
Daughter got to christen her new wellies.
Amber and yellow topaz.
I thought this could be a simile for human existance- some grow up in the same circumstance, and grow up straight, but it isn’t such a simple tale for others.
Like a volcano range with orange lava spilled around.
Green and yellow flowers in the sky from the horse chestnut tree.
Nuts in prickly coats like hedgehogs.
Diagonally striped path.
Bridge over the canal.
Old farmhouses.
Berries against the sky.
In the garden I planted a little purple.
To compliment the gravel.
Inside we’ve all been doing a lot of this.
And feeling a lot like that.
A wonderful parcel arrived from Suzie of Little Busy Bee into this flu ridden house.
It was a lovely little box of Autumn cheer- chandle mats and candles and a pumpkin.
Aren’t these amazingly constructed!
Of course I had room for another pumpkin Suzie- it is just to the right of the candle.
These socks for Son’s ever growing feet are finally finished.
1930s pattern modern yarn. Less mistakes than in the pair for daughter where I was trying to make the yarn work.
Lady Polly Flotsam
These “Bug a Licious” stitcheries by Cheryl Goss of Willowberry Designs finally got turned into something.

Sir Alphonse D’Arbignon
You should read her blog about the characters. I fell in love with them as she was introducing them, so was very pleased when she sold them as a pattern.
Mademoiselle Celeste Bouquet
The stitching is shaded with coloured pencil.
Captain Frelly B. Dingle
He loves the ladybird in the 1st pic. I think they were just waiting for the perfect project to go into.
With the aid of “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” charm pack and some embroidered frog fabric for the borders, I made a play mat for a friend’s 1st grand baby.
I used Happy Daisy charm pack for the outer border squares and 6 FQs of Tweet Tweet fabric for the inner squares on the back. This way if it is used outdoors in good weather the dirt/grass wont stain and be noticable.

Sorry not much in the way of makings been happening.

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