Party Dolls Bag Baking Socks

The gravel is laid on the membrane now. Once it has settled I’ll trim the black membrane away.
It was daughter’s 18th birthday on the 13th. As you can see she loved the wellies and the matching fluffy dressing gown I found.
Strawberry rock were also popular.
I put fresh strawberries on buttercream inside her cake.
And dyed marzipan red for the covering. She doesn’t like icing much.
As it was her 18th -a very special birthday she had champagne too.
And some little fireworks in the garden.
Poppy was a doll modelled a little on Daughter with red shoes and hair.
Embroidered and appliqued border on the dress.
Pure wool “tops” for Pre-Raphaelite hair.
Does the strawberry cupcake fabric look familiar Anne Marie? It was perfect for this job. Thank you.
The pattern for this bag was a present from Deb. How’s that for a quick make!
Roses and strawberries in strips.
And on the front a big needleturned applique strawberry with stitchery of flowers and birds.
The weather has been colder so these were a request from her. The yarn was modern and the pattern vintage so a lot of frogging went on until I finally admitted there was no way these were going to be a lilac only pair of socks. Boy can i be stubborn at times.
Tray of Chelsea buns. Hubby made me the dough in the bread maker. I just rolled it into a rectangle added butter brown sugar spice and dried fruit. Roll it up, then cut at 1″/ 2.5cm intervals put on the baking tray to rise in a warm area. When risen cook at around Gas 5. These are slightly overdone. I really should stop doing half a dozen things at once.
Now meet a couple of Elves- Christabel and Amy. The original pattern came from the Christmas Aussy Homespun mag. I changed a few bits here and there. Love those elf feet!
Christabel is a traditionally dressed elf with a passion for dots. She holds the bells for Christmas joy. Hair is Blue Leicester (sheep) tops.
Elf trim on her skirt.
This is Amy her rebellious cousin. She loves fun and bright colours. Scalloped blouse like Christabel’s.
She holds a symbol of Christmas love- a ceramic heart made in my home area of Oxfordshire. I just need to get some bells for their hats.

Now here is a terrifying thought- just 10 weeks until Christmas. I’d better build that cloning machine and a time machine.

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