Grass, Bag, Mats, Pond 9

This is what is happening in the front garden. Hubby and the children are busy. Cats have taken a shine to the grass lately which wasn’t pleasant and off road parking is a good selling point so the grass is coming off and gravel is going down.
The front path will still be lavender edged.
And the other half of the garden will still have trees and shrubs. Must find some time to do some weeding.
Or maybe Daughter can have a go once she has had these for her birthday? I was so happy when I found these in Asda in her size.
She designed a bag around her current files and text books.
She’d seen other bags I had made and took bits she liked from them. The hearts cover sturdy sewing for the small handles.
She will need to buy 2 red d clips like the blue one shown for things like keys to hang on.
There are 2 pockets for things like a phone and i-pod.
There is a removable foam board covered base so her text books don’t get bent. Although she knows about it, she wont get it to use until her birthday.
She has got these though- new cup mats for her part of the desk.

Oooo while talking about the desk, the printer ran out of yellow ink. Daughter changed it but the old yellow cartridge started to leak yellow ink all over the new table. Daughter started to panic. Luckily it all cleaned up without staining. She said it was as bad as when she was minding the house overnight a while back. She went into the kitchen to see red splatter over the worktop and dripping down the cupboards and onto the floor. It was like a scene from a horror film.

Hurriedly she got a cloth and cleaned as we were due back within an hour. She vacuumed in another room and came back in only to find the red back again. She looked at the ceiling and wondered what her brother had in his room. Had there been any strange smells? Had he really gone with us? She cleaned up and went upstairs to check. Nope brother’s room was just it’s normal mess. Back down stairs again she cleaned up yet again. Where was all this red stuff coming from? Was Mother playing a joke? No it had only started that day and they had gone the day before.

Just before we walked in the door she finally found out what was making the horror scene- red icing dye in a tiny bottle had fallen over in a top cupboard without the lid on properly. It was slowly dripping from the gap by the cupboard door and splashing everything as it fell. She was so relieved.
I made a few other mats. These from batiks left over from Pond House for my side of the new desk.
I love how they turned out.
This went to Simone– a little mat from the turnovers she sent for the Autumn table runner.
Finally here is Pond 9 BOM. I am making it with Deb and Darlene. A row of applique flowers and log cabins for both the top and bottom of the quilt. Next month I will share the finished quilt. I love love it! I think it is the best quilt I have ever made.

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