Makings and Part 2

We haven’t had cream cakes for a while so I bought some when Daughter and I were out choosing her birthday presents for Son. We’ve all been working hard this week.
A little frog on a bottle top. So sweet! He ought to become a something.
These 2 appliqued tea towels are the the little thank you to the staff of the Stayokay in Arnhem who sent the china clog keyrings to Son.
Crazy Christmas 8 is ready to sew together. (By Lynette Anderson.)
A big table centre is all stitched ready for Autumn. I must admit I was enjoying the rain storm while I was finishing this. It feels like Autumn has already arrived.
Remember those Portugal fabrics that i had some FQs of? This is the last of them. It felt good not to waste any but even better to tick that off my list.
I made a bigger than designed Gathering of Crows quilt by Lynette Anderson, a couple of strip cushions and finally this table mat.
For Dorothea and Dick dolls made by Ulla (see last post) bags for all their accessories to co ordinate with their sleeping bags. Yes they are both behaving Ulla- they seem to like playing in the craft room at night when everyone is asleep. They don’t have to be so quiet in there.

There are little piles of bits waiting to be squared up in the craft room.
And a pile of log cabins for the next block of Pond House on the 9th September. I love how that quilt is turning out. I am basing it on Monet’s House and garden in Giverny, France. Yes it is another Lynette Anderson. You knew I was going to say that didn’t you? Pure coincidence- honest. I do make other designer’s quilts.
Now part 2 of the quilt show in Birmingham’s NEC.
These are just a few which caught my eye.
There were so many I didn’t get to see them all.

Look carefully at all the cut work on this one!

Happy colours!

Looked like photo transfers.

So many dolls clothes sewn into place.
Shimmering peacocks.

Glittering fish.
Loved the sky.
Lastly this -look closer!

A wonderful little elf or pixie. Isn’t he sweet.

Last part of the quilt photos next time.

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