Stolen Raleigh Yukon and Record Bikes + Gos

This photo was taken 3 months ago of Lovely Husband’s new birthday bike a Raleigh Record Sprint. It has the postcode WN3 6BP stamped on it. It was stolen from our house on the night of the 27th between midnight and 5am on the 28th August.
Also taken was a Raleigh Yukon like the pic above (not the actual bike)
But in this blue/green colourway. (Sorry again not actual pic.) It is stamped with the postcode of OX4 3EG.
We think professional bike theives targeted us- they are doing the area. Please look out for these bikes in your area.
If you have had a bike stolen you can register the theft here at Bike Revolution.

Sorry I’ve not been around much this week- I’ve been helping a friend whose Hubby had a stroke while lorry driving. She had to rush to the distant hospital where he was taken to, so I’ve been minding her dogs. 3 Siberian Husky K and in the front T here.
S very cool and aloof
And her old collie M.
She is now home and her hubby is being moved to a close hospital today hopefully.
Remember this painting I saw on holiday by Idamas?
As I couldn’t buy it I decided to have a go at a similar abstract work. It was a great way to finish off the little bits in the ends of tubes.
Thimbleberries “Village green” Blocks 7 are made.
This is progress so far.
Remember me telling you I had bought a Lynette Anderson quick unpick at the NEC? Well here is Sir Pickalot. He has had a big first quest to complete.
I boiled washed the curtains which hung here as I had shrunk them already. This way I know they have now shrunk all they are going to. Sir Pickalot has unpicked the non shrinking linings from them and now they are hanging ready to be measured so I can add some fabric to the bottom of them to make them the proper length again. He managed the job really well and was comfy to use and fast.
So now we have the final trip to the quilt show. Like I said there were so many and one day just wasn’t enough.
You can’t imagine the lace effect at the bottom of this one.
So Wintery.

The many words of love.

Unusual edging.
A happy one.
It wasn’t all quilts
So many creative ways of using embroidery, and sewing.
Cakes galore!
This was like a painting.
Love the 3d town idea.
One for you Pat.
Even simple blocks had an effect.
Basil’s Onions (Moscow)
More clothes

So pretty and detailed.
A little bit of Kaffe Fassett to finish with.

I hope you enjoyed the show too. It was my 1st one so I was very excited.

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