Result and Lovely Parcels

This is the Morphy Richards iron which came apart as I was ironing. It was 9 months old. I spent Wednesday evening going through all the paperwork as the lady in Tescos (not the male in the electrical department returns with the attitude) said that if you paid by a card them often that was proof enough.

I found such a statement for the right day so rather than go into Tescos again and risk meeting that man I emailed the statement with a link to the page dated 16th November on this blog showing the iron when I bought it, straight to Mprphy Richards. The following morning an email came in saying that I should bin the current iron and that they would pop a replacement iron in the post. I was so relieved! Thank you Morphy Richards!

Because of that one man’s attitude we did our monthly big shop in Asda and Tesco missed out again by me not buying bits like milk when going in with the faulty iron a 2nd time. I think they can afford to lose my custom. Their profits don’t appear to be going down yet their prices seem more each time I go in. Anyone else feel like this with their food shopping?
Now I’d like to show you a couple of parcels which came from Pink Purl‘s Etsy closing down sale.
The pearls and shells are exquisite!
Beautifully wrapped by Tracy of Pink Purl blog!
Cream pearls, silver nuggets, shell. Everything is very beautiful. I hope to make a few little pieces.
What an exciting and wonderful box fromUlla of Kotkarankki!
There had to be something very special inside. Just look at that blanket stitch on the wool blanket.
Yes a whole treasure of marvels! Dick Calum (from the Swallows and Amazon series) – a brother for Dot and a fellow Unicef doll made by Ulla. Each doll fee pays for a child to have all their innoculations with Unicef. This makes Dick very special indeed. She makes a few of these special dolls so pop over and see her. She is very nice. They make wonderful Christmas presents for children too.

He was dressed in a gorgeous shirt and shorts set for the Summer but I think Ulla had an inkling that the weather has turned Autumnal as he had a wool hat and jumper packed too as well as pyjamas and a backpack. There were goodies packed too- traditional ones that the Swallows and Amazons may have tried.

Lastly I am so happy to now be the owner of a proper pair of wooden Dutch clogs! I love clogs. The shoes I usually wear around the house are clogs and are very comfortable.
Here are the clothes Ulla made earlier for Dot- aren’t they pretty. Dot has a sachel instead of a rucksack for her notebook and a nightie. In the books Dot likes writing stories.
I made Dick a sleeping bag and pillow of his own.
So he and Dot can camp out on the sewing room floor under a sewing machine table with a quilt over it a little like a tent.
I think Dot is really pleased to have her brother with her just like in the Swallow and Amazon books where the 2 D’s have adventures together. Dick is a boy in them who often loses himself in his thoughts and forgets what he is meant to be doing. I wonder what adventures they will have here now they are united?

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