Where did the week go?

I forgot to show you this display in the John Lennon airport in Liverpool.
John Lennon’s suits from the film “A Hard Day’s Night.”
So what happened to this week? I can’t remember further back than yesterday. We loaded the car with prunings to take to the recycling centre. (A pre-Autumn tidy up.) Had a look in the shop next to it for a bevelled mirror. How they expect those tiny clear plastic clips to take the weight of a non drilled mirror I don’t know!

Ooo then I popped into Tesco with the Morphy Richards iron I blogged about on the 16th November. They wouldn’t do a thing without the receipt even though I printed out the blog post. The man’s attitude stank and he offered me no help at all. When you know you’ve only had an iron 9 months and it should be under guarantee it is very galling. The lady at the non electrical customer services was far more helpful and phoned Morphy Richards for me but they said that I too would need a receipt of some sort even though they should know the model was a new one. I think in these harder times companies aren’t giving customers the benefit of the doubt. With that kind of attitude they wont get customer loyalty.
I cleaned the kitchen and made a couple of bacon and egg pies, (one shown on left) and a couple of steak and mushroom pies with potato pastry. Bacon mis-shapes are really good value for a variety of meals.
Some red currants simmering to make a jam.

Then I helped Lovely Husband. We’ve come up with an idea for a shop which people can use to sell their own products and link from their blogs. The advantage would be no individual listing fees or danger of not being found. A few people have said to me that they felt they were lost in the crowd on some craft selling sites. What are your experiences and would you ever consider having your own on-line shop? If so what sort of costs would you expect to pay for such a shop per year?

I also caught up on the laundry from a day to the Lakes on Sunday. Ha! I can remember as far back as Sunday now- the coffee must be kicking in!

It was a lovely warm day.
So of course we had a picnic packed and a BBQ. Yep Deb the Screaming Turtle Coffee was present in the big flask. 🙂
It did feel though from the yellowing leaves here and there that Autumn was only just around the corner. We made the most of the day.
Beaky Boat came too of course.
Shield Beetle with co-ordinating orange dot on it’s back.
Blue Dragonfly. I do like dragonflies and this one was very patient with me. 🙂
The Gondala!
What a babe!

Then I was helping daughter go through her personal statement to go on her uni application form. It is so hard to blow one’s own trumpet yet that is what 17-18 year olds are having to do to tempt a uni into taking them next September. Lovely Husband has the same problem even as an adult. With the cut backs in government funding of uni places, there are going to be more students seeking less places this year. I worry for her.

At some point I sat down last night and sewed in front of the TV. Nope I can’t remember what was on- I was brain-dead by then. 🙂

I can show you some makings from the week at least. Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas blocks 1-6 all sewn together with the Quilt as you go method. She is going to be at the NEC in Birmingham at the weekend.
7 is done but not ironed- see above for rant. LOL
Close up of the gorgeous stitchery block.
Daughter will be 18 in October so this is a little something for her. The shell flower buttons are meant to look like strawberry flowers. Recognise the strawberry button on the tab Anne Marie?
Inside is a file and pockets so she can use it for classes without it being too heavy.
Big pincushion and needlebook.
Cream felt on the other side.
Spring block in an on-going project.
The last of the bluey-green striped wool went into these booties to match the hat 6-12m size -for charity. I’ve got a tiny jumper on the needles at the moment.
Little stitchery from last night.
A painted pumpkin bauble.
A coaster and a couple of painted boxes.
Here is a female blackbird in the garden- she is very young so speckled still. It’s so special when nature shares itself with us.

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