Thank You Lovely Husband- I’m Back!

Sorry I’ve not been around- my computer died on the 1st and Lovely Husband only had time to build me a new one at the weekend. The last one was run by a hamster in a wheel. This temporary one is even slower. There have been jokes about flea power. 🙂 I’ll be around to visit you all soon. It’s been so weird being away I can’t wait to see what you have been doing.
Anyway here is Pond House BOM block 7 all in place 12 log cabins. 6 at the bottom
And 6 at the top. I’m trying to make them look like Monet’s lily pond. Deb and Darlene are making it too.
Sorry for the delay Simone and Suzie– here is my block 7 of Busy Little Christmas Elves too.
I am still liking these chaps.
I’m trying to use up ball ends of yarn.
Reverse stocking stitch is quite pretty.
And I had enough for a matching hat.
A little pile for charity.
The Autumn block for an ongoing project.
I forgot to show you these made from the last scraps of fabric Messy Karen sent me one Christmas. I used a fabric pen to write our details in the centres and buttonholes to thread the ribbon through. With so many red suitcasesat the airport it was good to be able to spot ours quickly. I even have photos of them being loaded on to the plane. 🙂
A lovely parcel came from Tracy at Pink Purl -she is having a huge closing down sale at her etsy shop.
She is selling her supplies as well as exquisite jewellery with free beads with each order.
A soon to be 18 year old will love these- “Pink Lemonade.” Thank you so much Tracy.
Anne Marie sent me a lovely holiday package
Wonderful magnetic note pad showing all sorts of household chores with the caption “I’d rather be quilting” so so true: delicate lace, a pattern for a table runner and a cushion; a thimble of a boat she visited; a postcard; and a lovely FQ of cupcakes. Thank you so much Anne Marie.
I made a couple of these wall hanging organisers by Nancy Halvorsen for Simone and Deb’s birthdays last month.
I need to make one for me next. I’m always leaving things on the cutting desk then chucking them off to cut then needing them to hand.

A last trip to Fuerteventura.

Beach panorama in Corralejo town centre.
Little dove.
I can recommend this restaurant if you are in the area.
Lovely Husband and I had put off celebrating our anniversary of becoming a couple so we could celebrate it while on holiday.
The paintings outside.

The menu was in manylanguages: English French German Dutch and Spanish. The waiters spoke many languages fluently. They really do try to make everyone feel at home.
It is a small family run business- the owner served us.
We could choose which fish we ate.
When I mentioned a pernod sauce I had had 17 years ago in Gran Canaria he said he could make something special for me. I had a rock bass baked in sea salt with pernod poured over and set alight.
Others had traditional paella. I had to try a bit. 🙂
But I watched transfixed as the man expertly filleted the fish and served it with locally grown potatoes. Yum! I think we deserved such special food after 22 years as a couple.
We walked around the harbour seeing the ferry to Lanzarote off.

Rockabye baby boat. I had to smile.
There were a lot of watersports to try on the island- wind surfing, kite surfing.
There were amazing fish in the water. Between the islands of Fuerteventura and Los Lobos is a marine nature reserve. Los Lobos itself is also a nature reserve. It’s good to know that there are such protected places.
It looked like you could still fish in other areas.
While still on the subject of water Baku Water Park. For 20 Euros you can have a whole day there. It did look exciting- a little like a place near Fort Brag NC I went to as a kid.
Now to dry land. Yes I really do mean dry land. Although there were rain clouds, they only dripped briefly for a few minutes all week. The temperatures didn’t drop at all. Here in the UK we seem to be having a lot of rain. The hibiscus flowers came in so many colours.
Weeping fig trees grew outdoors. In the UK they are houseplants. Geraniums with huge stems.
palms cacti yukka
Aloe vera is grown commercially to use in creams. Lovely stuff. Bourgonvillas trailed here and there.
Look at the textures on these cacti!
The garden in the centre of the apartments was well tended. You just couldn’t grow this in the UK.
Although the greens were less lush, the flowers were big and beautiful. Road sides were planted up and pruned regularly.
Yellows- even a couple of Birds of Paradise.
A last look from the bell tower at Lanzarotte.

And the best view I got of the volcano responsible for the black bubbled stone on the beach. It was a lovely and well needed holiday.

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