Creativity here and in Fuerteventura

This happy little girl is PB. She is staying in Fuerteventura for another month and is then free to travel to the UK to be with her family on a pet passport. I was delighted to take some photos of her to pass on to the family who are missing her, having relocated to the UK at the beginning of the year. It was their apartment we borrowed.
Our greedy lot of hounds didn’t save her any of Fluff’s birthday cake yesterday made by Daughter. I think we will make her one of her own as she will have a lot to celebrate when she arrives. I wonder what she will think of my lanky lot?
Talking of arriving- just look what was waiting for me at the post office! A gorgeous crazy patchworked pumpkin made by Kaaren of The Painted Quilt. It was a prize she had donated for Stephanie of Loft Creation’s String Challenge. Thank you so much Kaaren. Autumn is my fav season with all its bright colours so this will be on display as of NOW! 🙂
I forgot to share these in the rush to organise the holiday so here are my attempts at paper piecing from oddments. I like this technique- you can be very accurate even with complicated shapes.
Yesterday was my Thimbleberries 6 class for the Village Green BOM.
And this is Winter for an on-going project. Will share another next week.
Now let me share some of the creativity in Corralejo on Fuerteventura.
Sculptures by the harbour and I actually spotted an elf on his travels on the island. I think he might have been on holidday too. I saw the mushroom and thought of Ulla. 🙂
Wonderful colours but sadly no fish ones. These would be a good way of using up scrap fabric.
An assortment of the town shops. The tin lizards made a pretty pattern on the wall.
Cacti kitchen tiles.
Paintings in the apartment.

But lets have a shop in the Campanario (Market Place) when the craft fair is on. You can see the bell tower in this pic that I climbed in the last post.
This lady is wearing traditional Canary Island Dress and dancing to the music below.

You can see and hear more in this link.
I had to think of quilts when I saw this- strings, dresdens and patchwork.
Jewellery galore. Look at the shade of blue on that heart pendant!
I thought of applique shapes in this window.
There were a lot of little market stalls with craft people selling their own produce.
Beads, stones, silver.
Paintings, bags, woodwork.
Hand painted bookmarks.
Leather working. The blue boots were so cute.
This lady in the black top was lovely- she was a keen crocheter with very good English. I bought acorn earrings from her
And this trio of crochet cacti. They made me smile.
There were painters too: landscape paintings.
Art of all sorts was displayed in the windows of empty shops so they didn’t feel empty. Sorry about the glass reflections.
This artist Idamas (Ida Mastromarino) caught my eye.
I loved the top painting. It reminded me of Milliflori beads and sometimes how my brain feels with all the ideas buzzing in it. I have no idea how many Euros it was as no price was displayed. It was in one of the empty shop windows.
Beautiful colours!
Son bought this for a certain 18th Birthday coming up in October.
Loved these bright colours but I wasn’t sure I could live with those faces.
But the art studio belonging to Tito di Pippo was open. The artist’s friend beckoned me inside. I found a video on You Tube showing the making of the Don Quijote sculpture on the right in white. It was very interesting and inspiring to watch. It made me want to try and do something much smaller myself. To see more of his bright finished paintings see here.

I came away with the perfect little painting which summed up my first sunshine Summer holiday in 17 years. Bright fish which were like my new fish dress and skirt from White Stuff; the fish I swam with from the nature reserve off Los Lobos, the fish we ate (more on that later) and the fish in the harbour. Next time I will share the plants I saw. Hopefully I can make the post shorter than this one. 🙂

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