Back Again

Hello I bet you wondered what happened to me! I’ve been totally unplugged staying here.
Love this shade of blue!
Looks good with grapefruit juice.
Today’s post is all about Corralejo on the North tip of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.
The architecture was very different. Look how these palms grow through the balcony.
A sculpture like the ribs of a boat.
Amazing little details on these houses.
The protected island of Los Lobos. There are all sorts of fish in the reefs surrounding it.
A reminder of a not so gentle past.
I had to smile at this sand sculpture of the rat on the pile of cheese. I’ll share more art with you next time.
For now we are just looking at the island. The marina had so many varieties of boat.
Away from the main town centre was the market place.
A local band played
As I climbed up the bell tower.
Dusk over Los Lobos.
Dusk over Lanzarotte.

Here’s a quick panorama video.
Love the patchwork effect of the roof tiles.
The bells chime on the hour and ring out the right number for the hour.
But lets go back down
and look at the shops
and buildings.
Full moon.
Street lights and the full moon.
It was a very beautiful place with beaches of sand blown from the Sahara Desert to the East.
There was a lot of black volcanic rock too from these ancient volcanoes.

I wondered if I would see them again.

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