Flowers Elves and Romans

There’s a floral theme today. The windowsill by the cutting desk.
Tilda roses in 2 sizes arranged in a trug.
A little wool pincushion on a mini flan tin.
And of course what Summer would be complete without bees? If you haven’t thought about it already, how about helping the little critters out with a plant they like, (like lavender) in your garden?
No chance of these wool flowers wilting in the hosepipe ban we have at the moment in spite of the thunder storms and deluges this week. Where is all the water going to when this happens? I think we should be saving more of it when it rains. I have my washing up bowls in the garden to just pour over the potted plants!
Then there was these wool felt flowers. The pattern came from an Aussy Homespun mag back in Easter. I’m only a bit late there then. 🙂
These little elves though are ready ahead of time for the 2nd August.
Let me take you back in time. Not just to a week ago but nearly 2000 years ago.
To a time when saddles had no stirrups and the Romans were taking over Europe.
Draco standard.
I went to Ribchester to see a Roman re enactment society put on a show. The cavalry was a happy surprise.
It was good to see copies of museum exhibits in action possibly parading the the very spot where Roman soldiers once paraded.
Each piece of costume was carefully researched and often made by the members themselves.
Some of the helmets reminded me of the later Sutton Hoo one. The pic in the link shows a reconstruction. Wow that was some bling!
The ones on show were a mix of styles
and periods from all over the Roman empire.
The idea was to give a taste of the Roman army in action with artillery
foot soldiers
and calvary. The above horse (ridden by his owner) was an Argentinian polo pony so well used to things being waved about his head. His armour was noisy when he moved and caught the sun so he would’ve been a scarey target for the enemies horses who may well have bolted.

What a star! Pics today of Ribchester were by hubby. I haven’t had time to go through all mine yet. ( I get so click happy!) Have a look in the museum until next time. There is so much info there that I couldn’t possibly put on a blog post.

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