Felt Basket, Worcester

Yes I finished it on time!
Blue felt flowers on black felt on the outside.
A frog fastening.
Lined in black cotton with a blue butterfly cotton pocket.
Now let me take you back to the 13th June. Worcester Uni. We had a good look around the campus to the South of the river then walked into the town on the North side of the River Severn.
I saw saw-tooth blocks in these roofs.
Love this Worcester Rowing Club building.
The university has bought the old hospital site and is renovating it as a business school with a library that the town people can use too.
It will look something like this.

But lets explore the town centre.
I had to preserve this chalk pavement art in such pretty colours.
It was so good to see buildings of different periods all around.
Even Elizabethan timber framed ones.
Worcester is the home of the composer Edward Elgar.
Click to read. My fav piece by him is his famous 1st Cello Concerto. Have a listen to Jacqueline Du Pre playing it. When you look at the countryside surrounding Worcester you can see how it inspired his music.
But lets look around a little more
and have a cake in this little corner of a cafe.
Before going on to have a look at Worcester Cathedral.
It is huge!
I couldn’t fit it all in one frame.
Ceiling above the main porch.
They discouraged taking photos inside by asking you to have a photo permit. I bought postcards to help me remember some of the magnificent stained glass windows. There are more inside pics in the above link.
Now lets explore the town a little more.
Unusual door with lovely iron work.
Set right in the corner of the buildings opposite the cathedral.
by St Andrews spire.
Beautiful vaulting inside the tower. The rest of the church is demolished.
click to read.

There are now gardens where the rest of the church stood. More pics in link.
They stretch down to the river. The fountains were pretty.
You can see the cathedral from here surrounded by trees.
I think this is a regular place to feed the swans.
I like this part of town too. Click to read.
And we walk back over the bridge to the University where the car is parked.
And that is a brief look at Worcester. I think it would be a lovely place for Daughter to attend university.

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