Mini Charm, wips, Fleetwood

Thank you Simone for the mini charm “Frolic” and Maastricht postcard. It’s going to be fun making this next month.
Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas block 5 stitchery is completed. Tiny tiny reindeer.
This is on the needles.
This is a wip sneak peek. Love the birds and roses on the background fabric.
This is my urgent WIP- needs to all be sewn on and the card cut ready for tomorrow. More coffee please!
Welcome to Fleetwood a fishing port on the NW coast. Loads to read in link. Above is a pic of the life boat before it is lowered onto the river for action. We were here on the 9th June with a drizzly rain.
We though are here for this.
A dockside fish shop which had so many varieties of things in.
The turbot on the left was what we came for but there were so many other things to try. Yes I can recommend turbot for the Granville Sauce (previous post) but any flat fish I think would also do. I was wanting to try out the original recipe with the turbot.
Just nearby was a tall lighthouse (Pharos Lighthouse) between houses right by some tram lines.
It struck me as odd. Surely you have a lighthouse right on the edge of land?
All was made clear when we went to the sea front and found a 2nd lighthouse -Lower Lighthouse.
Boats would line the 2 lights up to be able to get the angle right for entering the river from the sea.
Sorry about the pic I merged 2 photos for it. Great compas star. Thinking patchwork again. 🙂
Here you can see the river meeting the sea. Just imagine trying to find that in the dark! You can just about see the Lake District mountains on the horizon on the right.
This was a memorial to the fishing boats of Fleetwood which were lost.
Click to read.
I was amazed to see just how far away some of these boats were- Iceland, Hebrides, Irish Sea, Cornwall, Kilda, Skerryvore etc. Click to read. It is somber reading just how many boats lost all hands when fishing. These were before fishing boats had modern equiptment like radios in most cases. I think you had to be brave to be a fisherman.
And brave to marry a fisherman.
A curved North Euston Hotel- almost worthy of the Bath Crescent.
The Mount Pavillion 1902 was gorgeous- porch and balcony all round so you can look out to sea.
On the way back in Greenhalgh I was amazed to see some thatched roofs with critters on. Sorry about the quality- there was nowhere to stop. There is also a castle there- a friend said. I found this info so hopefully it’s somewhere I can explore properly soon.
This thatched roof complete with a red rose by the doorway was in Churchtown on the edge of Southport on the way home.

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