Hat and Garden

Matching blue marl hat made to go with the jacket shown before.
A few houseplants have been potted on. Daughter grew the Drosera Capensis from seed. I am growing sweetpea Cupani and Stock from seed in the lilac pot. They are a lot bigger now as the photo was taken on the 7th June. The roses have started- this variety is about 12 ft tall. Bottom row- the phenominal smell of Philadelphus fills the garden -bliss.
Roseraie de l’Hay rose is doing well. I put 2 more of these in this year.
Beautiful and scented.
Pic of a new Roseraie, rock garden, roses and garanimn. The 2 roses together are Souvenir du Docteur Jamain. A lovely old scented rose from 1865.
Rosebud, berries, hedges and flag irises in old mop buckets with a purple beech shrub.
Tall rose, cotoneaster blossom, Butterfly lavender and sage. The lavender hedges aren’t flowering yet but soon soon. Plant one in your garden if you can to help the bees.
Lupin, Columbine and rose.
And now today- La Reine Des Violettes 1860 is flowering. She will fade to a lilac before dropping off. Her scent is suberb! I wish this was smell-avision you would love it.
Digitalis has popped up for the bees.
Another high rose with thorn blossom.
Lower down though look what’s ripening- red currants!

I will be sharing them with this family. Mother ouzel hen (female blackbird) in the centre of the picture with food in her beak ready to take to the young.

Shhhh you can just see the edge of the nest if I zoom in. I’m not going to disturb them. The parents are each coming about every 5 minutes, and the chirping is just about hearable from my bench.
You wouldn’t know they were there.
My garden is so lovely at the moment with philadelphus and rose smells and blackbird melodies. I hope you enjoyed popping in to it wherever you are in the world.

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