Newton, knitting and sewing, Llandudno2/2

Meet Newton in the orange jumper. He is a Soggibottom Mohair Bear built in a traditional style. Thank you so much Michele for making him. I do like these little bears.
I’ve introduced him to Coniston, Windermere, Dudders, Fleetwood and Worcester. I think they’ll get on well. He is an intelligent looking lad and will probably have all sorts of adventures in the craft room when us humans are sleeping.
While sewing this up in the garden today (100% wool jacket aged 6-12 months) I noticed blackbirds going to and fro to a hedge in the garden. I listened carefully and heard chirping. Yes we have a blackbird nest! I am so proud. 🙂
Crazy Christmas by Lynette Anderson month 4 is all sewn together.
I haven’t sewn the side bar bits yet but this is the quilt so far. All made from scrap pieces in stash.
As promised Llandudno pier. I’m trying to keep my posts shorter so more multi pics.
Behind some of the shop booths I caught glimpses of Victorian ironwork.
I’d like the turret room at the Headland’s Hotel please! Son spotted this place from the other side of the beach and wanted to build it on his computer. Yep like a good Mother I took lots of pics for him.
Rainbow Hoodie! Shame it was too hot for the thick wool. Grand Hotel behind a children’s ride. One of the shop booths. View looking up the pier. Bottom 2 are pics of the end of the pier. The silver roofs shimmered in the sun. So pretty like moonlight gourami fish. Click to enlarge.
View of Great Orme from the end of the pier. There is a ski lift on the slopes so you can get around easily.

But as I’m still recovering it’s time to walk back-and yes improving it’s official from the physio therapist! So so happy but I didn’t like to count my chickens before they were hatched.
Hardworking beach donkey taking a break.
Llandudno Bay with gull.
View back to the pier.
Bay panorama. Most of the houses are hotels and guest houses.
You can talk boat rides like this or more sedate ones that tour Orms Head. We are used to seeing these wind turbines from the other side.

But as this is a thorough tour, pop in the sea with son. This is in very shallow water so he had to just hold the camera and hope for the best.
I made a few screen grabs.
I was in the sea for part of the time but I also gathered some of these pretty rocks.
Here is Dudders before he came home with us. He’s a nice Welsh lad. 🙂
On the way back I spotted this gothic beauty.

Delicate flying butresses- be still my beating heart. I can see us exploring the North Wales coast in the future. There are so many more castles for a start and the countryside is beautiful.

Next time though we are only going as far as my garden. I took pics there on the 7th and still not shared them.

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