Pond 5, Rhuddlan Castle, Llandudno

I’ve done a little shopping on Quilt Taffy’s Etsy Shop. I had a lot of Autumny fabrics but very little for the Summer. This little lot will remedy that. I have been doing so well with my stash busting thanks to Ulla. See side logo.
Deb and Darlene are making Pond House BOM too.
Rhuddlan Castle in North Wales built in 1277AD by Edward the 1st as part of a chain of castles to control the area. Link has all the history and a good map so you can see where we are in the UK today.
Bridge over the River Clwyd by the castle.
See the gate house by the river? The river was straightened and made deeper to allow larger boats to bring provisions to the castle troops.
Now we’ll potter along the road a way. Turret!
Into Llandudno.
Beautiful ironwork worthy of New Orleans.
Icecream painted houses made me think of string quilts using these colours. There are still 2 weeks to go in Stephanie’s string challenge. Maybe I could sneak another project in by the 30th?
The Grand Hotel by the bottom ofthe pier was very imposing.
I loved the eclectic architecture of the town.
Had to take a pic of this- I’m a fan of the TV series “The Mentalist” -Simon Baker. 🙂
Now down to the sea front.

Have a quick look around.
There were some very cheeky European Herring Gulls who would take your sandwiches from your hand if they saw them.
I shared mine with some more well mannered Jackdaws.
Traditional Punch and Judy show. History, story and characters in link.
Llandudno Pier.

Little shops booths down the length. We’ll walk down it next time.

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