Sewing and Knitting, Whalley

The next stitchery for Lynette Anderson’s Crazy Christmas was sewn on the beach in Llandudno yesterday. It’s not been ironed yet. I’ll share pics later.
This little cardigan is on the needles. Just plain knitting left to go on this all in one front and back section.

I need to be brave and get back into the craft room. It’s been too long. I have bribed myself with new fabric so my room has to be tidied and current projects put in the right place before the postman delivers it. I think if I tie a ball of string to the door handle I may be able to find my way out again… maybe even in the same day. Ooo I am a messy blighter!

Now the Lancashire village of Whalley as promised.
Whalley Abbey is just through here.
When the main gate was shut to carts, people could still walk in through the small door if they were allowed by the door keeper.
A Cistercian abbot and 20 monks arrived here to set up the abbey in 1296AD. Like the castle this was Robert DeLacy’s land after the Norman conquest. More history about it here.
I couldn’t manage to walk round the abbey but there are pictures here.

A gate house still straddles a back lane.
It looks like more work is happening to this building.
It’s good that such old places are being preserved.
They bring tourism to places as well as help local people take a pride in their area. When councils demolish old buildings I think they are tearing part of a place’s history from the people they should be representing. Sadly though some councils think that new developments will bring in greater trade to an area than reusing the old buildings.
Here are some of historic and pretty Whalley village.
It is nestled at the bottom of a hill. More can be found here.
I wish you could smell the lilac.
Whalley Arches – a railway viaduct built in the 1840s. The longest and largest railway viaduct in Lancashire.
River Calder looking towards the arches downstream.
The view upstream. Want to explore next time? Ok then bring a picnic.

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