Breakthrough! Out and In, Riverbank

I bought myself some scented lilies to celebrate this morning. I’d been avoiding my craft room a lot and it was mainly down to this quilt:
“Twas the Night Before Christmas.” I put off unpicking for so long, then re-sewing for even longer.
It lay on the floor reproaching me every time I popped my head round the door in my braver moments.
So last night I gritted my teeth and told myself that this was my room- my haven, my place where all WAS GOING TO BE RIGHT in my little world. No wonky unfinished quilt was going to stop me. So I sewed in there.
It felt good when the binding went on. This may not be perfect but it got a big tick on my To Do list. The floor is a lot clearer now.
Ideas are flooding in again. Life is good.
Another task for the day was getting this lot to the post offices. The Bears helped as the Elves were on holiday. Have I introduced the new middle chap between Windermere and Coniston? His name is Llandudno or “Dudders” for short. He’s a big lad, plays rugby of course and dealt with the heavy parcels. Happy Holiday Parcels dear friends- they are on their way to you.
Now look what arrived today from dear Ulla. We are reading Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazon’s books together. It’s a Finnish Explorer’s Provisions parcel! Reindeer soup, Blueberry soup, Cloudberry jam, Finnish mustard (provide own sausages) crisp bread (for cheese and butter) chocolate bars, rum and maraschino chocolate, Finnish strawberry fabric and hand made goodies too.
Beautiful writing paper and a Swallows and Amazon’s semaphore coded letter. A recipe for camp pancakes.
And just look at these- an Invicta traditional British fishing fly made by Mr K, a Coot Club flag for me to take to the Lake District when I next pop up, a hand printed mini flag for Dot the doll Ulla made me for my birthday, and a sumptious lace trimmed nightie for her. Some mini ducks were also in the parcel for Dot to watch. Thank you Ulla it was great fun.

There is one more post to go on Whalley then I will take you to the Lakes again as we haven’t been this year. I have so many trips to share with you which is why I am still catching up on my blog visits. If you haven’t popped in before leave a comment and I’ll pop over and visit you.

Off to Whalley Riverbank.
I loved the look of this house on the banks of the River Calder.
I wonder what it’s history is?

Have a lookie for yourself. Grab a glass of homemade lemonade for the proper effect. 🙂
Canadian geese.
I went for a wander and talked to the Highland Cattle. Burford School used to have a heard of these wonderful creatures when I went there.
They were very friendly.
A red herring! Ok all right then click to enlarge the pic and you will just about see a grey heron in the centre of the picture on the riverbank.
The shallow edges were almost black with wriggling tadpoles.
White ducks just by the sluice gate which diverted water to the abbey mill- now apartments.
We sat here with a picnic. Can it get any better than this?

Here’s a little bit about ducks from one of my books.
I looked out over the lake. It was so early the town was still sleeping. Mists drifted lazily over the surface and hung in clumps above the dark green conifers which covered the mountain slopes surrounding the lake. Waterbirds occasionally flew low skimming the water surface before coming to land near the shallow water at the lake’s edge. They used their feet like brakes spread out before them shattering the silence as they hit the water. Their bodies became upright, their heads strained high, wings at full stretch almost vertical. They suddenly, once slow enough, they lay on their breasts and paddled silently and serenely as if the battle from air to water never took place. Eventually they swam and walked to the shore and began grooming, returning to the water to hunt for breakfast in the muddy shallows. Heads disappeared down exploring yet another world. These birds had mastered the air earth and water and used each for their own benefit.
Ducks make me smile.
One last look around now we have finished our picnic.
How do you fancy a quick peek at Whalley Church? Next time.

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