Elf 5/9, Makover, Round the Castle

Here by the skin of my teeth is the 5th of the 9 Busy Little Christmas Elves blocks. Simone and Suzie are making it too.
Wouldn’t you just love to live in the Elf Workshop?
This is the reason why I am so slow with it- that and my craft room is so scarey I’ve been hiding from it all week. Ever had that too? Above is the before shot with a quilt by Jackie of Canton Quilts. Below is the after shot.

The opposite wall before shot. Wallhanging by Deb of Angel and Pukeko.
After shot- I am loving the red and white theme but will keep the odd pink bits like the recycling bin.
After shot of the wall between them.
Side of the old fireplace under Jackie’s quilt. Aprons (including the ones from Ulla and Deb), tea towel from Pat, and a tea bag holder from Stephanie. It’s nice to have a little of you all in this room.

Now the castle views as promised.
Through this gateway and round the walkway outside of Clitheroe Castle
It’s quite wide so you don’t need to breathe in or shimmy.
The views of Lancashire are beautiful
I spotted an amphitheatre.
Clitheroe town with hills in the background. Click to enlarge.
Now we go back down the hill looking at the flowers.
A last peek at the keep.
Tulips (gorgeous even though they were nearly over) and forget-me-nots.

And back to Clitheroe town.
I wish they made clothes like this in grown up sizes.

Whalley next time.

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