Crochet, BOM and Clitheroe Castle

Remember this? Well it is finished. I did a couple of rounds of binding stitch in blue on the edge.
I think I can safely say that I can now double crochet in circles. My 1st ever circle project. I’d only done a mat in lines before this. Time to learn trebles now I’ve stash-bust some of my yarn.
It hasn’t all been rainbow wool though. Block 4 of Thimbleberries Village Green BOM is done.
But will my elf workshop stitchery be ready for the 2nd June? I’ll have to concentrate on it next and keep up with Suzie and Simone who are also making it.
Now as promised back to the castle. Historic painting of Clitheroe Castle.
Click to read historic info.
How a castle keep worked.
Lets go up the hill further. There would’ve been lots of timber buildings within the outer wall of the castle complex when it was built around 1100AD.
Just round the corner from this view
is the War Memorial. I’ll share a wonderful pic I took of this on Rememberance Day 11/11.
I’d never seen snake benches before.
The 4 outer walls- click to enlarge all pics. Lets go in
Look up. I can believe that this is the oldest building in Lancashire and the smallest early keep built by the new Norman owners of England.
Inside views. The new resident of the castle top right pic was kind enough to pose for me.
You can see from the bottom left pic just how tall this fireplace was.
The holes above it were for timber beams to hold the floor above.
You want to look outside next at the wonderful view don’t you? Next time promise.

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